Canadian Stores Can Grab Global Online Shoppers (Statistics) ©

There has been much concern about Canadians cross-border shopping in the U.S. since the World embraced eCommerce. More than 90% of Canadians shop across the border these days, justifying that concern, but it’s not so bad compared to the 82% global average. It’s important to note that Americans and those residing in other countries also cross-border shop online and much of it is done in Canada. We’re not a leading online destination today, but we could be tomorrow. Read more »

2015 Top Digital Marketing Opportunities in North America

Adobe has released the 2015 Digital Trends report, published in cooperation with eConsultancy. Out of 6333 marketers who participated in the 2015 survey, 847 were North American respondents (including Canadians). Marketers have their digital priorities straight, according to this data, which indicates Customer Experience and Content Marketing are where they’ll find the biggest opportunities this year. Read more »

Top 3D Cover Design Tools for eBooks, InfoProducts, Etc. ©

The popularity of indie publishing and InfoProducts has created a demand for supporting tools for both designers and authors. There is no question that a professional, eye-catching design can significantly increase sales of eBooks, audio products, software, app’s, and eLearning products. Applying that design to 3D covers makes the product more tangible to potential buyers. However, the design process can take a lot of time and money if you outsource it. That has made 3D cover generator tools for InfoProducts very popular. Read more »

Top 5 Drop Shipping Suppliers for Canadians ©

Many Canadians are interested in selling products online, either with their own website or through eBay and Amazon.  Drop shipping provides a low-risk option for starting an online business in Canada, and today’s supplier portals make it really easy to find and sell millions of products.   The most difficult part is choosing which ones to deal with, and it’s a question we’re asked on a regular basis. Read more »

Canadians Give Bloggers 3.2/5 on the Trust Scale ©

A 2015 Ipsos / Readers Digest poll surveyed Canadians about the most trusted professions.  Canadians gave bloggers 3.2 out of 5 on the trust scale.  Traditional journalists were given 4.2.

The fact that none of us should trust everything we read online almost certainly impacted this number.  If Canadians were asked how much they trust their favourite bloggers, the number would be significantly higher.  When these influential bloggers speak, we listen like they’re a trusted friend. Read more »

How to Get More Clients Than You Can Handle for Your Small Business

This post was contributed by Robert Matthew.

Whether a business is big and booming or small, most companies still have the same goal of trying to obtain more clients than what they currently have. It’s especially challenging for smaller businesses, but it is still not something that is impossible to do.

One way a small business can have success with gaining more clients within a short time frame is by using a method known as the host beneficiary method. Read more »

2015 Top CPS and CPA Affiliate Networks

Top CPA & CPS Affiliate Networks 2015

Revenue Performance Magazine has named its top affiliate networks for 2015 in the Cost per Sale (CPS) and Cost per Action (CPA) categories. The ranking is based upon their Blue Book survey of thousands of active performance marketing industry professionals and a panel of performance marketing industry experts.

The top 10 CPS affiliate networks are: Read more »

2015 Canadian Social Media Usage Statistics


A 2015 study conducted by Forum Research indicates that Facebook is still the top social network in Canada, followed by LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The statistics include satisfaction ratings with each network, lead by Instagram. LinkedIn and Instagram usage is increasing, while Facebook and Twitter growth has virtually leveled off.

2015 Canadian Social Media Usage Statistics Read more »

Canadians Now Use Mobile More Than Computers (Statistics & Tips) ©

Canadian Mobile Internet Access M-Commerce

Mobile devices are winning the Internet race by a nose, according to ComScore. Their data indicates Canadians are accessing the Internet using their tablet or smartphone 51% of the time, slightly passing computer/laptop access at 49%. Approximately 5% of Canadians only use mobile devices. Not surprisingly, mobile is expected to continue leading the pack by an increasing rate through 2015. How Canadians use the Web is changing too, as 80% leave browsers behind in favour of apps. Read more »

Top 10 Online Business Books of 2014 ©

For many years we’ve been hard-pressed to find 10 decent books about online business to share, let alone a list of the best picks. This year we had a bit of a tough time narrowing down our online business book choices! There still isn’t enough truly good information out there to help Canadian businesses as they navigate the Internet frontier, but the situation is improving. Following is our list of choices in order of release date. Read & heed those that apply to you and I guarantee you’ll have a more successful online business in 2015. Read more »

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