Top 13 Reasons Canadians Shop Online (Statistics) ©

The fact that Canadians are shopping online isn’t news, but details are scarce. The more insight we can gain regarding how and why Canadians shop online, the better we can serve them and ultimately gain their business.

Statistics from the Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) 2015 Total Global Retail Consumer Survey, indicate Canadians embraced online shopping in a big way in 2014.  54% bought something online at least once per month, and 78% of online shoppers in Canada have been doing so for at least three years. Read more »

Listen Up, Brands: What Online Canadian Moms Want (Statistics)

A survey of 1674 Canadian Moms (including 5% dads and 8% “other”) has revealed some interesting insights into what they want from brands online, and how they want it. While respondents weighed in from across the country, the overwhelming majority (60%) were from Ontario. This group loves social media and social sharing, but most feel that brands aren’t engaging them as much as they could be. Consequently, brands are missing out on valuable sharing opportunities and social sales. Read more »

Canadian Grocery Shoppers Hungry for Omni-Channel Savings and Convenience (Statistics) ©

Canadians are increasingly enthusiastic about their Smartphones, with 67% of us owning one and 38% of us admitting we can’t imagine leaving home without it. 49% of Canadian grocery shoppers would also like to use their Smartphone to save money at the store with app’s, according to research by Mintel, but only 13% actually do so. Just 12% of Canadians have shopped for groceries online, even though 71% are experienced online shoppers. Grocery stores will have to work slowly and steadily to improve the internet shopping experience and educate consumers. Read more »

Checklist: Choosing a Website Host for your Canadian Business ©

I’ve been doing a lot of research into website hosting lately, as I prepare to move to a more robust, reliable host. In doing so, I have come up with a list of considerations involved with reviewing each hosting option. I’ve expanded upon that here in the hopes of helping more Canadian companies find hosting that will provide a solid foundation to build their internet business on. Read more »

Is Canada’s Publishing Industry Headed for an “eBookalypse”? ©

Print book sales revenue is on the decline. That has many Canadian publishers, book retailers, and even literacy advocates in a panic. The good news, however, is that people aren’t reading less, they’re just reading differently. Read more »

Top 10 Earning Affiliate Programs for March, 2015 ©

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways of making money online in Canada and it can be very lucrative if you focus on the right programs. Merchants may have an in-house affiliate program or join networks like Share-A-Sale, where thousands of website owners may partner up with them for a percentage of sales they make. Affiliates add the merchants’ banners to their website, or write content around a text link. They can also promote merchants in their newsletters. Clicks on the links are tracked and commissions are paid through the network or directly if the program is independently operated. Read more »

Canadian Mobile eCommerce (mCommerce) to Grow in 2015 ©

According to a recent retail forecast from The Centre for Retail Research, online shopping via mobile device (tablets and smartphones) will increase in Canada to 16.2% in 2015, up from 11.3% in 2014. Read more »

10 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tools for your Website or Blog ©

There isn’t a site online that couldn’t use a little dusting off and reorganization. Spring is a wonderful time to have a close look at yours and do some cleaning. You can start by visiting your website like you would if it belonged to someone else. Better yet, have a friend or two visit and give it an honest evaluation.  We’ll get you started with the following tips and tools. Read more »

2015 North American eMail Marketing Trends ©

2015 North American eMail Marketing Trends

eMail marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach consumers online, in spite of the countless social marketing options available today. Inbox Marketer, a Canadian eMail marketing company, has published a new report summarizing the latest trends and benchmarks for North American eMail marketing based on their B2C and B2B clients. The 2015 eMail Marketing Benchmark Report can be consulted as a guide to improve the result from our own eMail marketing.

5 Major Factors Impacting eMail Marketing in North America in 2015 Read more »

Top 10 Benefits of a Remote (Telecommuting) Staff ©

Of all the things the Internet has done for society, changing the image of the workplace is one of the most exciting. Canadian businesses are embracing the idea of remote workers, due to increasing evidence of the many benefits of a flexible workforce. Research and guidance is also increasing in Canada as more businesses explore telecommuting and virtual commuting. Organizations like WORKshift are expanding to provide guidance on a national level.

The number of benefits companies enjoy with a remote workforce are impressive and far-reaching. Read more »

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