How Canadian Social Media Use Compares to Other Countries

Sometimes it feels like social media networks are taking over the world. Many Internet users visit social media sites more often than they use the telephone, although the use of smartphones can make that point moot. Canada is in the top five countries for social media usage, according to a survey by Pew Research Center, with 71% of the Canadians surveyed confessing to visiting social media sites.

Social Media Usage by Country

There are still some countries with a low number of Internet users, which makes an “apples to apples” comparison impossible. Still, it’s interesting to see Canada’s place in the ranking. It’s also critical information to consider if you do business outside of Canada. You may find that the social media portion of your marketing budget would be better spent on something else.

How Canadian Social Media Usage Compares to Other Countries

International Social Media Usage by Age

It comes as no surprise that young people are much more likely than those 50+ to use social media.

“Generally, those who are younger, more educated and richer tend to be more likely to report using social media,” says Pew Research Center.

That said, Canada has one of the highest numbers of social media users over the age of 50.

How Canadian Social Media Usage Compares to Other Countries - Age

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