eCommerce and Online Sales Fraud Prevention in Canada

eCommerce and Online Sales Fraud Prevention in Canada

Fraudulent online transactions are the dark side of eCommerce. The Internet is the “wild west” of fraud in a world that is becoming more secure at the offline payment level. It has become a point of easier access, without signatures, PIN numbers and chips.

Personalization VS Privacy for Canadian Consumers (Infographic)

The Canadian portion of the Total Retail: Global Survey of Online Shoppers report provides valuable insight about online shopping in Canada. Probably the most important take-away for marketers is in regards to Personalization VS Privacy. Canadians love the idea of personalization, a fact that has been demonstrated by other studies as well. However, we aren’t […]

Mission Critical: Protect Your Business SmartPhone

Canadian SmartPhone users account for over 50% of all mobile phone users in this country. That number increases dramatically for professionals and business owners. SmartPhone use is almost universal among those who own an online business or who conduct business online (such as eCommerce and marketing). For most of us, it is quite literally worth […]

Internet Mistrust Causes eGeneration Gap: Canadian Seniors vs Youth (Statistics) ©

Statistics Canada has reported that senior Canadians are steadily increasing their Internet usage.  What they’re doing online is often different than younger surfers, including listening to music or watching videos.  This data left us wondering why there is such an e-generation gap, so we followed up with an informal survey of our own.