The Canadian Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released its 2013 Canadian Media Usage Study (CMUST) data obtained from a variety of sources.  The statistics indicate Internet access via mobile devices has surpassed web surfing via PC.  Mobile devices include smartphone and tablet use, which combined account for almost half of the time Canadians spend online.  When we are online, Canadians spend most of their time watching videos, according to the study.

Adult Canadian Internet Device Ownership in 2013Mobile Surpasses PC Use and Video Rules in Canada

Of adult Canadians who own a computing device with Internet access:

  1. 84% of Canadians own a desktop computer or laptop
  2. 56% of Canadians own a smartphone
  3. 31% of Canadians own a tablet

Weekly Device Usage for Total Time Spent Online by Canadians in 2013

  • Game Console – 3.0% (68 minutes)
  • Other device (such as SmartTV) – 6.2% (108 minutes)
  • Tablet – 19.1% (332 minutes)
  • Smartphone – 27.9% (484 minutes)
  • PC / Desktop – 42.8% (743 minutes)

This data emphasizes the need for online businesses to become mobile-compatible in the near future, regardless of your target market or their age bracket. If you want to familiarize yourself with mobile for business, you may want to check out the new book by Daniel Rowes, Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Marketing, Communications and Advertising.

What Canadians Did With Their Weekly Time Online in 2013

  • Magazines – 1.4% (24 minutes)
  • Newspapers – 2.2% (38 minutes)
  • Radio – 2.4% (42 minutes)
  • Games – 4.3% (74 minutes)
  • Social – 12.6% (219 minutes)
  • Other – 36.9% (641 minutes)
  • Video – 40.2% (697 minutes)

Creative video campaigns can be well worth the time and effort involved.  You can also “go viral” with clever offline marketing efforts, such as the 2013 holiday campaign by WestJet.  Their brilliant idea to grant travelers’ wishes was picked up by numerous news outlets, from print to television.  The television segments and WestJet’s video on YouTube were shared far and wide on social media.

If you’re new to video marketing you may want to pick up YouTube Marketing Power: How to Use Video to Find More Prospects, Launch Your Products, and Reach a Massive Audience, a brand new book by Jason Miles.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessAre you making changes to your website for 2014?  Please share your plans in the comments below.

Source: IAB Canada

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We’re going into video more. We have a two year reinvestment plan so we can do a self-funded expansion of our tech marketing. As a small business that’s the only way we can do it but we’re making it happen and I’m proud of that.

Craig Cuban

desktop computers are going the way of the 8track tape soon. laptops can handle a lot now and there are external harddrives for storage.

Greg L

I was wondering about that between smart-phones and tablets they must beat out desktops by now. Mobile is the future! Thanks for another great CANADIAN post.