Inbox Marketer has released a whitepaper summarizing the latest trends in Canadian eMail marketing based on their B2C and B2B clients. Canadian eMail Marketing Trends 2014 provides us with a benchmark for our own eMail marketing, along with tips for improving our results.

Four Major Factors Impacting eMail Marketing in Canada

  1. The popularity of mobile devices – Mobile open rates for 2014 in Canada have been about 53%.
  2. eMail list growth – Successful marketers enjoy a growth rate of 15%-20% every year.
  3. Outdated and stale eMail lists – Inactivity is often attributed to subscriber fatigue.
  4. eMail laws and regulations – Data breaches and regulations such as the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) have been challenging marketers this year.

eMail Open Rates in Canada

Ipsos-Reid reported each Canadian consumer subscribes to an average of 13 business eMails. In an information-overwhelmed society, it’s surprising that Canadians are opening more eMails as the Inbox Marketer report suggests. According to these statistics, as of September, 2014, open rates in Canada were up an average of 26%. The study attributes that to the availability of eMail due to constant access via mobile devices.

2014 Canadian eMail Marketing Trends

Next month, many marketers will increase the frequency of their eMails for the holiday season. According to this research, the increase in frequency does not impact open rates. eMail fatigue is always a risk when too many eMails are sent, however, especially when other marketers are doing the same thing. It’s also possible that Canadian ISP’s and other eMail providers will be monitoring eMail volume during these peak times and may banish your marketing eMails to the junk mail folder.

eMail Click-Through Rates in Canada

Click-through rate (CTR) percentages are calculated by dividing the total clicks by the total number of eMails delivered. 2014 click-through rates (CTR) averaged about 4.9%. That sounds low but it’s actually pretty good, considering top marketers enjoy a CTR of 7-12%. Epsilon’s Q1 2014 Email Trends and Benchmarks reported US click-through rates are about 4.3%, so we’re actually leading the pack. You may be able to improve your click-through rates with more engaging newsletter content and a focus on consumer benefit as opposed to the traditional sales format.

Click-through rates were higher in 2009 at 8.4% and have steadily declined every year to date. Unique click-through rates have followed the same trend, dropping to 3.6% in 2014 from 6.1% in 2009.

eMail Bounce Rates in Canada

While outdated and stale eMail lists are cited as a top four factor, in reality Canadian marketers are seeing low eMail bounce rates in 2014, at 0.6%. That could be due in part to a hyper-awareness of sign-up procedures since CASL was implemented. It’s important to continue to monitor bounce rates, however.

“It is very important, especially for high frequency senders, to closely monitor the bounce rates on each campaign as well as on a monthly basis,” the report advises. “For example, a 2% bounce rate over a 12 month period may be respectable, but if each campaign had this rate, the list erosion would be exponential and marketers would need to investigate why this was happening.”

This report notes that “delivered” and “deliverability” are two different things. The number of eMails delivered is defined by how many get to subscriber inboxes. Deliverability dives deeper into where a message ends up (such as the spam folder). The Canadian 2014 Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) is 83%, meaning that’s how many sent eMails actually arrive in the inbox of Canadian subscribers. While that’s better than the US IPR, we should still be aiming for upwards of 95%.

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Canadian eMail Marketing Trends 2014,
Epsilon Q1 2014 Email Trends and Benchmarks

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