2015 Canadian Social Media Usage Statistics

A 2015 study conducted by Forum Research indicates that Facebook is still the top social network in Canada, followed by LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The statistics include satisfaction ratings with each network, lead by Instagram. LinkedIn and Instagram usage is increasing, while Facebook and Twitter growth has virtually leveled off.

2015 Canadian Social Media Usage Statistics


  • 16% of survey respondents use Instagram.
  • Canadians visit Instagram about six times each week.
  • This network is popular among the youngest Canadians at 32%.
  • 18% of those earning less than $20K and 18% of those earning between $80K and $100K use Instagram.
  • 25% of Mothers of children under 18 are on Instagram.
  • 22% of those residing in the Prairies use this social network.
  • 18% of college graduates prefer Instagram.


  • 25% of survey respondents use Twitter.
  • Canadians visit Twitter about five times each week.
  • This network is popular among the youngest Canadians at 36%.
  • 31% of those earning $80K or over use Twitter.
  • 29% of parents with children are on Twitter.
  • 31% of those residing in the Prairies use this social network.
  • 18% of college graduates prefer Twitter.

Social Media Use in Canada


  • 30% of respondents use LinkedIn.
  • Canadians visit LinkedIn about twice per week.
  • This network is most popular with middle-aged Canadians (GenX, 45-54 years of age).
  • 46% of those earning $100K-$250K use LinkedIn.
  • 36% of parents with children under 18 are on LinkedIn.
  • 39% of British Columbians use this social media network.
  • 48% of those holding a post graduate degree prefer LinkedIn.


  • 59% of survey respondents use Facebook.
  • Canadians visit Facebook about nine times each week.
  • This network is popular among Canadian youth at 75%.
  • 75% of those earning $80K-$100K use Facebook.
  • 70% of Mothers of children under 18 are on Facebook.
  • 65% of Quebec residents and 65% of Francophones use the social media network.
  • 68% of college graduates prefer Facebook.

Canadian Social Media Usage Statistics Infographic
Infographic by Edward Laurin

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  • Free LinkedIn training is available at LinkedU: How to Create a Massive LinkedIn Referral Network with THE Most Influential Players in Your Market.
  • The book Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Amazing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and More, was revised and expanded in 2015 and is perfect for social media novices.

??? How do these statistics compare to your social network page data? Please share your experience or thoughts below.

Forum Research: Instagram Tops in User Satisfaction

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Doug Johns

Absolutely no mention of Google plus ? Hmmm it’s already ahead of both twitter and Instagram and closing in on FB

Michael Krell

Says who?


Those numbers are a little conservative I’d say. Canada is known for our social media usage and other stats show we love twitter.


The should include more networks for the big picture…like pinterest.

Ms Elly

I’m not sure I know of anyone who isn’t on Facebook! Even if they don’t use it they have an account.