Adobe has released the 2015 Digital Trends report, published in cooperation with eConsultancy. Out of 6333 marketers who participated in the 2015 survey, 847 were North American respondents (including Canadians). Marketers have their digital priorities straight, according to this data, which indicates Customer Experience and Content Marketing are where they’ll find the biggest opportunities this year.

2015 Biggest Digital Opportunities in North America (Statistics)

  1. Customer Experience 24%
  2. Content Marketing 15%
  3. Mobile 11%
  4. Personalization 9%
  5. Big Data 9%
  6. Social 10%
  7. Video 7%
  8. Marketing Automation 5%
  9. Location-Based Services 5%
  10. Multi-Channel Campaign Management 4%

2015 Top Digital Opportunities in North America Bar Chart

2015 Biggest Digital Marketing Opportunities in North America

More companies are embracing the importance of the Customer Experience, be that online or offline, or a combination thereof. It’s the one factor that companies can use to differentiate themselves on a level that never ceases to increase customer retention and encourage recommendations. In this age of social reviews and recommendations, a happy customer is even more valuable.

The report states, “Customer experience is seen as the stand-out imperative for 2015 and beyond, with 22% saying it is the single most exciting opportunity this year.”

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessWhere do you think the biggest digital marketing opportunities are? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

2015 Digital Trends report, published by eConsultancy and Adobe

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