Canadian Digital Marketing Report

Canadian businesses are thoroughly convinced of the benefits of digital marketing in 2016. Their budgets are expanding to include a full range of advertising across all digital platforms, from social media to search engines. Canadian marketing strategies have fully evolved to include content, social and mobile, in addition to more traditional online marketing like eMail.

A survey from the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals & Ignite Digital, Canadian Marketers 2016 Outlook, found that digital marketing influences the business strategy of 80% of respondents. Sales are the top goal of digital marketers, followed by increasing brand awareness and improving customer service.

The Most Important Advertising Categories for 2016

  1. Social media engagement
  2. Direct mail
  3. Print advertising
  4. Email marketing
  5. Search engine marketing
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Content marketing
  8. Social media monitoring
  9. Public relations
  10. Radio
  11. Out of home (billboards, etc.)
  12. TV
  13. Event/experiential (trade shows, etc.)

Being sold on the rewards of digital marketing doesn’t mean Canadian marketers aren’t challenged by some aspects of it. The study reports 35% believe staying up-to-date will be their biggest challenge this year. 98% believe ROI (Return on Investment) is important, but 34% also believe reporting ROI will be their biggest challenge.

2016 Canadian Digital Marketing Benchmark Statistics

Canadian marketers’ digital marketing activities:

  • Social media engagement 83%
  • Website development 80%
  • Content marketing 69%
  • eMail marketing 69%
  • Social media monitoring 64%
  • Search engine optimization 64%
  • Inbound marketing 44%
  • Search engine marketing 44%
  • Mobile app development 26%

2016 Canadian Digital Marketing Activity

The number one activity contributing to online marketing success:

  • Design, development & maintenance of website 88.7%
  • Social media 79.8%
  • Content marketing 78.1%
  • Reporting & analytics 78%
  • SEO 77.8%
  • eMail marketing 68.9%
  • Online advertising 55.2%
  • Mobile app development 38.7%

Top Canadian Marketing Activity Contributing to Success

83% of Canadian businesses say they will increase their digital marketing efforts in 2016 and 43% of Canadian companies are certain their digital marketing budget will increase accordingly. Content marketing will be the priority for 41.48% of those surveyed.

Tools and Resources to Help with Your Marketing Challenges

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Digital Marketing Courses

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Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessWhat are your digital marketing priorities this year? Please share in the comments below.

Statistics source: Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals and Ignite Digital, Canadian Marketers 2016 Outlook

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Pina Go

Thanks for sharing this well -researched article about Digital Marketing . Like you, I always emphasize the importance of Digital Marketing.

Sneha Sharma

Digital marketing is trend of today era and we and affiliate marketing also going to trend


digital marketing is most important thing in any business this is very helpful about canada


For someone who has a client in the Canada the report blog is amazingly helpful. The stats are brilliant …Thanks for the post

Nina B

We’re doing more content too. The effect of ordinary online advertising is just about gone. We do good with soc media too but only when we buy ads. We have a marketing assistant that does most of it.

Marketing Mikey

It sure proves content is king in Canada doesn’t it? Just make sure it’s GOOD content. The days of stuffing your site with keyword posts are WAY over. Hire a pro or do it right yourself.

Gabs Harrison

Ooooo I just love the Canadian info you dig up! Thanks for yet another useful marketing post.