2020 Report: Social Media Use in Canada

It’s time for our annual report on the use of social media in Canada. Data has been scarce this year and much of what’s available revolves around the pandemic. Information from 2020 won’t be very useful in planning your campaigns next year but it might help you this year, and in the event of future pandemics or natural disasters. Our 2019 Social Media Use in Canada report and your own data from 2019, will be a much more reliable base to build your 2021 marketing strategy on.

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

It’s going to be a wild, unpredictable ride this year but the following tips will serve you well in 2020, regardless of where we all end up.

1. Use social selling tools that improve customer engagement and enable instant sales on social media platforms. Any way you can give people that offline shopping feeling will pay off in 2020 and every year that follows. For example, shoppable videos are practically everywhere now and producing them isn’t overly complicated.

2. Social Media Influencers are in big demand this year. You’ll want to find and book them early. Influencer campaigns have been a proven winner for several years now. Savvy marketers know it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to greatly increase consumer engagement and reach very specific target markets. Many budgets are extra tight this year, making it necessary to lower risk and go with proven winners. Start experimenting again when things are back to normal.

3. Social media will be an even more critical tool in your marketing toolbox for the 2020 holiday season. Feature that awesome gift-buying content you’re producing on your website. People will start shopping earlier this year, but they don’t necessarily want to see holiday marketing earlier. Create and share content that revolves around gift buying without festive fanfare, such as product comparisons or tips that address a certain group (the best styling tools for curly hair, top tablets for students, and so on).

4. Canadian consumers will be very budget-conscious this year, as much from uncertainty as the actual lack of money. Statistics show one of the main reasons they follow brands on social media, is to find deals. Feature your best sales and consider offering coupons or discount codes.

Social Media Users in Canada 2020

CIRA touched on social media use in Canada in the 2020 edition of Canada’s Internet Factbook. It’s no surprise that Facebook continues to have a love/hate relationship with Canadians. Seven in ten respondents are on the network and one in three Canadians say it’s their favourite. Forty-one percent of Canadians say Facebook is the most toxic network they use. Thirty-eight percent say it’s the most addictive. One in five Canadians declared YouTube to be the most helpful social site.

Ryerson has released a more robust report, The State of Social Media in Canada 2020.

Online Canadian Adults with a Social Media Account

  1. Facebook 83%
  2. Messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Line, IMO) 65%
  3. YouTube 64% ^
  4. Instagram 51% ^
  5. LinkedIn 44%
  6. Twitter 42%
  7. Pinterest 40%
  8. Snapchat 27% ^
  9. Reddit 15%
  10. TikTok 15%
  11. Tumblr 9%

^ Instagram has experienced the most growth, at 14 percent.

Which Social Networks do Canadians use Daily?

  • 77% of Canadian Facebook users are on the network every day.
  • 69% of Canadians who use messaging apps, do so every day.
  • 69% of Canadian Instagram users are on the network every day. ^
  • 64% of Canadian YouTube lovers visit every day. ^
  • 63% of TikTok users in Canada are on the network daily.
  • 57% of Canadian SnapChat enthusiasts are on it every day.
  • 54% of Reddit users in Canada go there every day.
  • 50% of Canadians who use Twitter, do so daily.
  • 32% of Pinterest users in Canada are there daily.
  • 27% of LinkedIn users in Canada are on the network every day. ^

^ YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn achieved the most growth in daily users since 2017.

Canadian Men and Women on Social Media

Canadian men & women don’t differ as much as you might expect, at least in regards to social media favourites.

  • Canadian Women (86%) use Facebook slightly more than men (81%)
  • Women (71%) use messaging apps more than men (60%)
  • Men (66%) use YouTube more than women (62%)
  • Men (15%) and women (13%) are almost equal in their use of Instagram
  • Men (48%) are more likely to have a LinkedIn account than women (40%)
  • Canadian Men (43%) are slightly more inclined to use Twitter than women (41%)
  • Women (55%) are much more likely to use Pinterest than men (24%)
  • Women (31%) joined Snapchat more often than men (23%)
  • Women (16%) and men (14%) enjoy TikTok almost equally.

Why do Marketers Use Social Media?

The benefits of social media marketing are evident in the practices of expert marketers who place a high value on the strategy.

Social Media Marketing Goals 2020

We’ll Keep You Posted

We’ll update this post as more Canadian social media use statistics are released for the rest of 2020. We’ll share updates on Twitter, in our Facebook Group and in our newsletter.

Gruzd & Mai. (2020). The State of Social Media in Canada 2020. Ryerson University Social Media Lab. Version 5. DOI: 10.5683/SP2/XIW8EW
Canada’s Internet Factbook 

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Thank you for your informative post!!!


My prob is trying to figure out where my peeps are at. This helps!!


My prob is trying to figure out where my peeps are at. This helps!!