2022 Report: Social Media Use in Canada (Statistics)

It’s time for our annual report on the use of social media by Canadians! We’re heading into 2022 with a record 31.8 million Canadians who use an average of 6 different social networks, spending one hour and fifty-three minutes there every day, on average.

Social media usage data from the past two years has been muddied by the pandemic, but after so long a lot of the new habits and adaptations will stick. Our lives revolve around the internet more and that will continue. In fact, research from CIRA indicates that 57 percent of Canadians won’t use the internet any less once the pandemic is over. Some said they’ll be online more than they were before the pandemic started.

Even without the pandemic, Canadian use of social media has always been high. Growth will slow and max out eventually, but experts predict over 96 percent of online Canadians (38.18 million) will be on social media by 2026.

Why Do People Use Social Media?

When we know why people visit social media networks, we can create content and target our campaigns more effectively. That’s critical to keeping our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) down and increasing organic reach.

The most common reasons for using social media are:

  1. Keeping in touch with friends & family 47.6%
  2. Passing spare time 36.3%
  3. Reading the news 35.1%
  4. Finding content 31.6%
  5. Check out what others are talking about 29.5%
  6. Inspiration for things to do or purchase 27.7%
  7. Finding products to buy 26.3%
  8. Sharing opinions 24.5%
  9. Meeting new people 23.9%
  10. Watching live streaming 23.8%
  11. Favourite brand content 23.1%
  12. Networking & researching for work 22.9%
  13. Finding like-minded communities & interest groups 22.1%
  14. Watching/following sports 22.0%
  15. Following celebrities or influencers 21.7%
  16. Posting about their life 21.4%
  17. Fear of missing out (FOMO) 21.3%
  18. Supporting & following causes 17.4%

In Canada, 31.8% of us use social media to find information about brands and products, reports Hootsuite. Almost 20% (19.6%) of us follow influencers on social media. Just under 14% (13.7%) of Canadians use social media for networking & researching for work.

2022 Social Media Users in Canada

It can be difficult to find Canadian-specific data and it isn’t always reliable when we do find some. When the numbers really count, I gather information from several sources and base my decisions on consensus or averages. Since social media is a huge part of digital marketing success in Canada, we pull data from a number of sources to help guide our campaigns. That’s what we’re sharing with you here.

Statista reports the following social media platforms are used most regularly by Canadians:

Social Networks Used Most Often in Canada

Facebook / Meta

All sources agree that Facebook is the most popular social media network in Canada (and the world). However, their data and conclusions differ somewhat.

Seven out of 10 Canadians use the platform, according to CIRA. Sixty-two percent also use the Facebook Messenger app.

76.9 percent of Canadians use Facebook each month, says We Are Social. Canadians spend an average of 15.6 hours each month on Facebook.

Facebook is most popular in the Maritimes:

  • 79% of Nova Scotians use Facebook
  • 76% of respondents from Prince Edward Island use it
  • 76% of respondents from Newfoundland and Labrador are on the network

Statista’s numbers often don’t accurately reflect Canadian social media usage, in my experience, but their data is useful if you need general information or a data point for the lowest range. They report that Facebook grabbed 59.37 percent of all social media network visits in Canada in July 2021, and 78 percent use Facebook regularly.

Facebook is the third most popular site for Canadians to access news (at 39 percent), following news websites (52 percent) or Google (49 percent).

Facebook advertisers enjoy a potential reach of 63.2 percent in Canada.


Owned by Facebook/Meta Platforms since 2014

Forty-one percent of Canadians use WhatsApp, reports CIRA.

38.5 percent of Canadians use WhatsApp each month, according to Hootsuite research. Canadians spend an average of 7.9 hours/month using the WhatsApp app on an android phone.


Owned by Facebook/Meta Platforms since 2012

CIRA research says 40 percent of Canadians use Instagram. 58.2 percent of Canadian internet users visit Instagram each month.

Canadian users spend an average of 9.4 hours/month on the Instagram app using android smartphones.

Fifty-three percent of Canadians say they use Instagram most often of all social media networks.

The potential reach of advertisers via Instagram is 52.6 percent in Canada.


Owned by Google since 2006

Canadians consume an exceptionally high level of video content online, and it isn’t all entertainment. In fact, 40.8 percent of Canadians age 16-64 watch tutorials, how-to, or other educational videos online. Almost 17 percent watch ‘vlogs’ (blogs in video format) every week as well.

CIRA ranks YouTube as the second most popular social media network in Canada, with 55 percent of those surveyed using it.

Seventy-two percent of Canadians use YouTube most regularly of all social networks, according to Statista.

Canadian users spend an average of 17.1 hours/month on the YouTube app using android smartphones.

YouTube advertisers see an average reach of 91.9 percent in Canada, ranking 10th in the world.


Twenty-seven percent of Canadians say they use SnapChat most often of all social media networks.

30.3 percent of Canadian users visit Snapchat every month.

Advertisers can reach 31.2 percent of Canadians on Snapchat (10,300,000 total reach).


Twenty-nine percent of Canadians say they use Twitter most often of all social media networks.

36.8 percent visit Twitter each month.

Ad reach on Twitter in Canada is 23.9 percent (7,900,000 total reach).


Pinterest came in second behind Facebook in Statista’s traffic ranking, at 17.88 percent of all Canadian social media network visits.

Twenty-eight percent of Canadians say they use Pinterest most often of all social media networks.

34.5 percent of Canadian users visit Pinterest every month.

Canada has one of the largest audiences on Pinterest, at 28 percent (9,265,000 total reach).


Every month, an average of 3.2 million Canadians are on TikTok.

60 percent of Canadian TikTok users are women and 40 percent are men.

Thirty percent of Canadians say they use TikTok most often of all social media networks. 32.2 percent say they visit the network every month.

Advertising reach on TikTok in Canada is currently 36.1 percent.


Twenty-four percent of Canadians say they use LinkedIn most often of all social media networks.

31.4 percent of Canadian LinkedIn users are on the network every month.

The advertising reach on LinkedIn is 61.3 percent in Canada. That’s 19,000,000 total reach, ranking 8th in the world.


Twenty percent of Canadians say they use Reddit most often of all social media networks.

26.7 percent of Canadian Reddit users visit the network each month.


Ten percent of Canadians say they use Twitch most often of all social media networks.

Stay tuned!

As more social media data is released throughout 2022, we’ll update this report. Please follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of updates.

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