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Google Canada’s 2014 Holiday Shopper survey found 4 hot holiday shopping trends and all of them revolve around eCommerce. Mobile shopping in Canada is expected to grow significantly, along with online shopping in general.

Canadian Online Shopping Habits for the 2014 Holiday Season

  • 34% of Canadians will research and buy holiday gifts online in 2014, up 23% from 2013.
  • 72% of shoppers in Canada will go online for holiday gift ideas, spending about 8.6 hours looking for the perfect gift.
  • 54% will check out a product online but buy it in an offline store.
  • 21% will research a product online, check it out in a store, then go back online to purchase.
  • 32% of online shoppers/researchers are over the age of 33. Clearly online shopping is no longer a Millennial thing.

2014 Canadian Holiday Online Shopping StatisticsMobile Holiday Shopping in Canada

  • 56% of those Canadians who researched a product using their SmartPhone, made their purchase the same day.
  • 59% of Canadians will use their SmartPhone to shop this holiday season, up a whopping 50% from last year.
  • 62% will use their SmartPhone to shop from home.
  • 48% will have their SmartPhone in-hand while shopping in their local offline stores.
  • 22% of Canadians will shop using their SmartPhone while at work or school.
  • 18% will do their shopping during their commute (passengers I hope!)

Some Other 2014 Retail Holiday Statistics:

  • Most Canadians will finish their Christmas shopping in 5 shopping trips.
  • 24% of us are last minute shoppers.
  • 48% of consumers in Canada will go for post-holiday sales.

The four trends are quite obvious:

  1. Holiday eCommerce is on the rise in Canada.
  2. Canadian shoppers are using mobile more than ever.
  3. Window shopping has gone online and is driving in-store sales.
  4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not the only days Canadians shop online during the holiday season.

It is critical that your have eCommerce capabilities on your website. Your site must also be mobile compatible. You’ll also need a website host with a shopping cart that has Canada Post integration, such as Shopify CanadaInfusionsoft, or 3DCart shopping cart software.

Put it all together and you will rock the 2014 holiday shopping season in Canada, according to these statistics.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessI have a really good feeling about the 2014 online holiday shopping season! How have sales been for you so far?

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    There’s so much data that even the obvious isn’t obvious anymore. Thanks for making sense of the nonsensical.

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    Pretty obvious google…but I like the information that comes with IDing them so my time was well spent reading the post. Thanks!


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