5 Statistics Reveal the Future of Online Marketing

By Cassie Phillips

Online marketing continues to change and develop rapidly, and there is always an exciting new development just around the corner. There are some thrilling new trends in digital marketing, and they are set to change the way marketers reach out to their target audiences. These are a few statistics that illustrate how the landscape will change in the coming years.

Internet Users Access the Web Via Mobile Devices 65 Percent of the Time

According to a whitepaper by comScore, internet users spend 65 percent of their time on the web using mobile devices. Desktop usage has been on the decline since 2013, with desktop devices acounting for just 35 percent of online time.

It is now more important than ever for marketers to focus their attention on mobile platforms. There are plenty of different ways to market to mobile users, including banner ads, native ads, branded apps and promoted social media posts. Marketers should explore the wide range of options to find the platform that best suits their niche and appeals to their target audience.

YouTube Ads Are 80 Percent More Effective Than Television Ads

According to Google’s Matt Britain, YouTube ads are 80 percent more effective than television commercials. Google and its partners have even suggested that marketers should reallocate their budgets to include more spending on YouTube ads. The video streaming site reaches more 18-to 49-year-olds than any cable television network.

If your brand targets anyone in this demographic, it is important that you not only explore using YouTube ads but also creating branded YouTube content. Plenty of cosmetic brands sponsor videos by popular vloggers by providing them with items to use and review, while entertainment brands like Nintendo and Sony Pictures regularly post exclusive trailers and sneak peeks.

The streaming site provides a wide range of options for marketers. So, we’re sure to see more brands getting involved with YouTube, as it presents an engaging visual platform to promote products and services.

Future of Online Marketing - Snapchat50 Percent of Canadian Teens Are on Snapchat

According to Monster.ca, 50 percent of Canadian teenagers are active Snapchat users. This photo-sharing social network is quite new to the online world, and marketers are only just beginning to see its potential as a platform that can reach younger demographics.

Some of the country’s biggest brands are on Snapchat, including Cineplex, Roots and Tim Hortons. These brands are using Snapchat in inventive ways to engage followers, including contests, reviews and giveaways. They have also made great use of SnapChat’s exclusive features like geotags, which attach a branded illustration to users’ snaps.

Snapchat continues to be an engaging platform for marketers, as the network allows them to send content directly to their followers’ smartphones. It also presents followers with an easy way to engage with brands by quickly sending snaps back to the brand and sending branded content to their friends. It is still on the uptake among marketers, but we’re sure to see many more brands using Snapchat to engage with their target audiences.

51 Percent of Marketers Believe the Internet of Things Revolutionized Ads

The Economist’s “The Rise of the Marketer” interviewed 470 Chief Marketing Officers and senior marketing executives from around the world. It found that over half of respondents expect that the Internet of Things will revolutionize online marketing by 2020.

The Internet of Things consists of everyday objects that feature internet connectivity. They communicate with the web, with each other and with us to make life easier for users. Smart home appliances are some of the most popular items in the Internet of Things, and smart refrigerators serve as a great example of how these products can be used in the marketing campaigns of the future.

As part of their current capabilities, smart fridges have sensors that notify owners when certain items are running low. In the future, marketers expect that the repurchasing of these items will be integrated into the appliance’s functionality, which would give marketers an entirely new platform for reaching customers.

Grocery delivery services could partner with smart appliance manufacturers, or the appliances could push notifications to a list app on the user’s smartphone. It has the potential to create an entirely new marketing channel for a wide range of brands, and marketers are eager to see these predictions come to fruition.

Content Marketing Generates Three Times More Leads Than Outbound Marketing

Content marketing continues to emerge as one of the most effective ways to for marketers to promote their brands. This form of marketing relies on the use of informative content such as reviews, blogs, tutorials and infographics to educate readers rather than sell to them.

In recent years, content marketing surpassed outbound marketing in terms of ability to generate leads. Now, brands can experience three times more lead generations using content marketing than with traditional advertisements like banner ads, television commercials and direct mail.

The most popular forms of content marketing include:

  • How-To Posts.
  • Reviews
  • Videos
  • Opinion Blogs.
  • Listicles
  • eBooks and Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts

It isn’t necessary for brands to use all of these content marketing methods to boost the reach of their brands. Just picking a few that appeal to their target audience and niche can result in a significant increase in leads.

These statistics provide valuable insight into how online marketing will change in the next few years. We are sure to see marketers branching out to advertise on a wider range of social networks and mobile platforms while embracing new technology. There are some very exciting changes that we can see on the horizon, and they are sure to boost the reach of brands in various markets. It will be extremely exciting to see how marketing innovators will take these developments to the next level to change the way we all operate.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessWhat online marketing trends are you most excited about seeing in the new year? Where do you think the future of online marketing is headed? Share a comment and let us know!

Author Bio:

Cassie Phillips is a technology blogger for Secure Thoughts, a leading resource on online security. With a background in online marketing, her blogging focuses on advising marketers on the various platforms they can use to promote their products and services.

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Many of those marketing predictions came true and many still are!

Mona Hannah

It’s exciting isn’t it? Always something new on the horizon, trying to stay one step ahead, playing the game and winning. Thank goodness for data to help us keep up. It seems like as soon as we have it it’s old news but it’s all w’ve got. Guessing what’s in store in marketing is half the fun!


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