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Facebook announced this week that there are 19 million active Canadian Facebook users each month, and 14 million of those are daily users.  In fact, at 74% Canada’s daily Facebook usage is above the global average (61%) and higher than the US average (70%). That’s a huge pie and most of us are hungry for a piece of it.

Facebook has made it more and more difficult to reach their users from our business pages by limiting exposure.  They blatantly ignore the fact that users follow a brand because they want to see all of its updates, instead dribbling out the occasional update to less than 10% of “likers”.  While this is obviously an attempt to make companies purchase advertising on the network, it will be counterproductive in the end as businesses begin to dismiss Facebook as a lucrative social media marketing option.

Increasing your Facebook Reach

That said, there are both paid and free ways to increase the reach of your posts.

1. I am Canadian:  If your target market is Canada specifically, mention Canada whenever you can.  Updates, coupons, contests, blog posts, etc., offer an opportunity to focus on Canada and Canadians.  This won’t necessarily increase direct visibility, but we’ve found it greatly improves search rank through both Facebook and in outside search engine results.  Our experience also indicates this tactic increases post sharing among Canadians, which in turn increases exposure.

2. Use a variety of posts:  Followers can have a wide variety of content preferences.  Some will love pictures or videos, others will prefer text updates, etc.  Facebook has noticed these preferences too and some marketers have found that shared photos and status updates receive more exposure on the social media network.  Furthermore, some types of posts are shared more often than others overall, such as clever digital memes.

3. Engage:  A call to action has been proven effective when used creatively.  Sometimes simply asking readers to share the post or comment works, but we’ve found it’s more effective to be a little unique, such as:

4. Contests and Coupons:  Nothing is shared more often than contests and coupons and they usually get comments too. ExactTarget’s 2013 Digital North Report found that 63% of online Canadians follow company social media accounts for discounts, and 58% are looking for freebies and contests.  Remember to focus on Canada by mentioning things like availability and that a contest is open to Canadians.

5. Test, test and test some more:  Try posting at different times each day and monitor reach using Facebook’s analytics.  You can combine that with click-through and conversion rates for a wide-angle snapshot. Use social media tools like Hootsuite or keep the data in a spreadsheet so you can watch for other patterns, such as days of the week and seasonal impact.  Include the type of post (video, ad, link to blog post, etc.) in your data for still more insight.  Save screenshots of your posts and number them so you can add a reference note to your data.

6. Paying for reach:  Facebook has several paid options available to marketers and you can target Canadian Facebook users specifically.  Do some testing of free methods first so you can take full advantage of paid opportunities, armed with a solid knowledge base.

7. Keep your finger on the pulse:  Facebook best practices are constantly changing and those who are most successful continue to learn and adjust their social marketing strategy.  For the latest in Facebook strategies, we closely follow Canadian, Mari Smith.  The information and educational products she provides cover Facebook and social media in general.  Facebook can’t make a move without Mari putting it under a microscope.

Supercharge all Social Media Marketing and Engagement

Have you hit paydirt with Facebook?  Do you have any questions?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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