New Cool Tool: Algopix Automated Market Research

Algopix is designed to automate the process of market analysis and product sourcing. The platform allows for Canadian or international research in virtually any product category. As a result, merchants can streamline the product selection process and make informed decisions to optimize sales and maximize profit. This tool is still in beta and only partially functional, but the possibilities are exciting for anyone who sells products online.

Market research is critical for success in the highly competitive online world. Manually researching marketplaces to determine demand and competitive pricing takes a lot of time and it’s never done. You must stay on top of this information to remain profitable and constantly analyze the data collected. Additionally, once you decide which products you want to sell you’ll have to source them and find the best deals.

How Algopix Works

Advanced algorithms are the power behind this search-style tool. In minutes, you can determine the best product choices, where you should sell those products and how much you should charge. The ability to conduct this research quickly allows you to identify global opportunities, while minimizing risks like overstocking. Along the way, you can analyze and learn from your competitors.

Merchants, manufacturers and other online sellers can automatically generate a complete picture of each item they’re considering:

  • Find the best products to sell.
  • Accurately predict the most profitable locations or channels.
  • Determine the most competitive price.

Algopix is super-easy to use.  For marketplace research, select “For Merchant”, type in the product you wish to research along with where you’ll be sending it to and from. For product comparisons, select “For Client” and fill out the information.


The marketplace research results will include:

  1. Product Information
  2. Product Price Across Global Online Markets
  3. Expense Report
  4. Interest Over Time
  5. Sales by Country
  6. Customer Reviews

All information is organized and illustrated on one page, as shown in the below example.

New Cool Tool - Algopix

You can clearly see how powerful Algopix is for online sellers, even at this point in its beta launch. Once all features are functioning, it will be just as much an online business weapon as a tool.

Featured Company: AlgopixAbout the Company

Algopix is a new company that is revolutionizing the way people and businesses conduct market research for online sales. Check out our company profile for more information.

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3 Responses to "New Cool Tool: Algopix Automated Market Research"

  1. Gavin  November 1, 2016

    WOW! It would sure save me A TON of time! Researching is my least favourite job but it has to be done. I’ve checked into similar tools but the price was out of reach for me. Hopefully this one will be reasonable.

  2. MartyS  October 30, 2016

    Pretty impressive for a tool still in beta. I wonder how much it will cost when it’s fully functional?

    • Jordy  February 3, 2017

      They just released the open version.


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