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Are the Affiliate Gurus Wrong About E-Mail Marketing? ©

There are some brilliant and successful affiliate gurus out there and I’ve learned a lot from them. The experience they offer is invaluable, especially for new affiliate marketers.  Following their advice blindly to the letter can get you into trouble though.

There is one common recommendation many of them share in regards to e-mail marketing that may set you up for failure.  They advise affiliates to send multiple e-mails about the same product, service or event, often using auto-responders. They advise this because it has worked for them time and time again, but that’s largely due to their target market.  Their subscribers are affiliate marketers who expect this constant contact.  They want to be the first to know about new offerings and receive the latest useful information.

The unfortunate fact is the average Canadian is e-mail saturated, especially business professionals.  Managing their inbox often results in unsubscribing from e-zines and newsletters that constantly slam them.  It’s difficult enough to hang onto subscribers without in-your-face tactics.  You really shouldn’t be sending them e-mail about  products at all, unless they’ve signed up for it specifically through a “receive special offers” option.  Otherwise, chances are they’ll view your repeated e-mails as spam.  You’ll have to be more creative than that, working affiliate sales pitches into useful content and presenting it as more than an “act now” ad.

Mind your market.  Get to know your target audience and master your own effective ways to reach them through e-mail.  If an e-mail results in a larger than average unsubscribe rate, examine it closely to determine the problem.    Add a simple “Why are you leaving us?” question to the unsubscribe page with easy radio buttons and a place to comment.

Learn from the affiliate masters, they have much to teach you, but you must master your own target market.  You’ll learn as much from your failures as you do from the success of others.

What clever ways have you come up with to make e-mail marketing more friendly?

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