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A Canadian holidays and observances calendar is a useful tool for marketing or for inspiring blog post, newsletter content and social media ideas. Traditional holidays have been joined by many observances in Canada and internationally, all of which now enjoy more exposure via the Internet. Combined with famous Canadian birthdays and historical events, there is no shortage of inspiration. As a bonus, you may come up in searches for the holiday or observance in question.

Canadians Internet Business publishes a calendar of holidays and observances for Canadians each month. This calendar includes Canadian and international holidays and observances, from the official, to the charitable, and on to the strange and unusual. Many of the observances have spilled into Canada from other countries to become virtually universal in their celebration.

Numerous holidays and observances are marketable to virtually all Canadians, while others will be more useful to certain sectors and topical websites. We’ve included food day observances for those in the grocery, baking and farming industries, for example.

A few of the more universal business-related observances in August include:

  • Black Business Month
  • FCC Fraud Awareness Week, August 3rd-9th
  • Single Working Women’s Week, August 3rd-9th
  • Bargain Hunting Week, August 4th-10th
  • Weird Contest Week, August 11th-15th
  • Minority Enterprise Development Week, August 18th-24th
  • World Wide Web Day on August 1st
  • Single Working Women’s Day on August 4th
  • Professional Speakers Day on August 7th
  • IBM PC Day on August 12th
  • Mail Order Catalog Day on August 18th
  • Hug Your Boss Day on August 22nd
  • Franchise Appreciation Day on August 30th

August Marketable Holidays & Observances (Canadian & Global)

August is…

Black Business Month – An African-American initiative that has spread to Canada.
Breastfeeding Month
Bystander Awareness Month
Catfish Month
Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month
Child Support Awareness Month
Children’s Vision & Learning
Get Ready for Kindergarten
Goat Cheese Month
Golf Month
Happiness Happens Month
Immunization Awareness Month
Minority Donor Awareness Month
Motor Sports Awareness Month
Neurosurgery Outreach Month
Panini Month
Psoriasis Awareness Month
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
Tomboy Tools Month
Traffic Awareness Month
Water Quality Month
What Will Be Your Legacy Month
Win With Civility Month
World Mutt-i-grees Rescue Month (Animal League)

August, 2014 “Weeks”

International Tree Climbing Days 1st-5th
International Clown Week 1st-7th
International Assistance Dog Week 3rd-9th
Simplify Your Life Week 1st-7th
World Breastfeeding Week 1st-7th
Exercise With Your Child Week 3rd-9th
Farmers’ Market Week 3rd-9th
FCC Fraud Awareness Week 3rd-9th
Single Working Women’s Week 3rd-9th
Exhibitor Appreciation Week 4th-8th
Bargain Hunting Week 4th-10th
Scrabble Week 9th-13th
Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week 10th-16th
Resurrect Romance Week 10th-16th
Elvis Week 11th-17th
Weird Contest Week 11th-15th
Aviation Week 15th-21st
Minority Enterprise Development Week 18th-24th
Safe at Home Week 24th-30th
Be Kind To Humankind Week 25th-31st

August, 2014 “Days”

World Lung Cancer Day
World Wide Web Day
Dogust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs
Girlfriend’s Day
India Pale Ale Beer Day
International Beer Day
International Child Free Day
National Minority Donor Awareness Day
Raspberry Cream Pie Day
Respect For Parents
Rounds Resounding Day
Spider-Man Day
Twins Day
World Scout Scarf Day
Yorkshire Day

Ice Cream Sandwich Day
International Hangover Day
Mead Day
Mustard Day

Doll Day
Friendship Day
Kids’ Day
Sister’s Day
Watermelon Day

Heritage Day in Alberta
Civic / Provincial Day in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Northwest Territories
New Brunswick Day
British Columbia Day
Natal Day in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Psychic Day
Chocolate Chip Day
Single Working Women’s Day
Assistance Dog Day

National Oyster Day
Work Like a Dog Day

Hiroshima Day
Halitosis Day
Root Beer Float Day
Wiggle Your Toes Day

Assistance Dog Day
Lighthouse Day
Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day
Professional Speakers Day
Purple Heart Day

International Cat Day
Kool-Aid Day
The Date to Create
Happiness Happens Day
Odie Day (Garfield)

International Day if the World’s Indigenous Peoples
Book Lovers Day
Garage Sale Day
Bowling Day
Rice Pudding Day

Lazy Day
Paul Bunyan Day
Skyscraper Appreciation Day
Smithsonian Day
World Lion Day

Son and Daughter Day
Play in the Sand Day
S’mores Day

International Youth Day
Middle Child Day
Sewing Machine Day
Vinyl Record Day
World Elephant Day

International Lefthander’s Day

Creamsicle Day
World Lizard Day

Acadian Day
Gold Cup Parade in Prince Edward Island
Best Friends Day
Chauvin Day
Check the (Pet) Chip Day
Men’s Grooming Day
Relaxation Day

Airborne Day
International Geocaching Day
International Homeless Animals Day
Tell a Joke Day
World Honey Bee Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day
Thrift Shop Day

Discovery Day in the Yukon
Bad Poetry Day
Cupcake Day
Mail Order Catalog Day
Serendipity Day

World Humanitarian Day
Aviation Day
Photography Day

Radio Day

Poet’s Day
Senior Citizen’s Day
Spumoni Day

Be An Angel Day
Hug Your Boss Day
Take Your Cat To The Vet Day
World Daffodil Day

Day For The Remembrance of The Slave Trade & Abolition
Valentino Day
Ride the Wind Day – Celebrating the wonders of flying on the anniversary of the first human-powered flight.

International Strange Music Day
Knife Day
Pluto Demoted Day
Waffle Iron Day

Kiss and Make Up Day
Second-hand Wardrobe Day
Whiskey Sour Day

Dog Day
Women’s Equality Day

Tug-of-War Day
Burger Day

Bow Tie Day
Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day: 28
Radio Commercials Day: 28
Crackers Over The Keyboard Day

According to Hoyle Day
Individual Rights Day
International Bat Night
International Day Against Nuclear Testing
More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Bacon Day
International Whale Shark Day
Franchise Appreciation Day
Holistic Pet Day
Buffalo Chicken Wings Day
Slinky Day
Toasted Marshmallow Day
International Day of The Victims of Enforced Disappearances

International Overdose Awareness Day
Love Litigating Lawyers Day
Pony Express Day
Trail Mix Day

Please let us know if we’ve missed any observances or holidays celebrated in Canada, from the weird to the wonderful.

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