The Best Affiliate Program Categories for Sizzling Summer Sales

Online businesses often experience a ‘Summer slump’ but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether affiliate marketing is your primary source of revenue or a secondary source, there are affiliate programs that will boost your bottom line this Summer.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, read How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Canada.

How to Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

Affiliate networks can play a critical part in evaluating affiliate programs and estimating ROI. They can also help you choose programs for seasons or special occasions. For example, ShareASale features affiliate programs for Summer holidays like Father’s Day or Independence Day, or the season in general.

ShareASale Seasonal Affiliate Programs screenshot

Additionally, you can utilize the same tools that online sellers and ‘super affiliates’ use to choose products.

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For example:

• You can search for trending Summer keywords with Semrush and use those that relate best to your niche.

Google Trends can be a valuable source of intel as well. Use it to find topics that are currently trending, along with seasonal trends.

• Online marketplaces often reveal trends and best sellers, providing a wealth of valuable information and sales data. Tools like Jungle Scout use this data to evaluate market demand and trending items, such as identifying Amazon Best Sellers and Trending Products in June 2023.

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What Are the Best Affiliate Program Categories for Summer?

The following affiliate program categories were chosen based on network data and our own experience (last year and this year-to-date). For a quick start, I included examples of affiliate programs that convert well for me in some categories. You can easily work these programs into content and marketing funnels for your most profitable Summer yet.


I’m sure you’ve thought of travel-related affiliate programs, but I wanted to mention some trends that could give you a competitive advantage. For example, with a recession looming travelers are looking for the best deals for every step of their journey, including flights, hotels, rental cars, dining, and tourist attractions. That makes programs like CheapOAir especially lucrative. Rewards programs (brand, miles, or sites like MyPoints) are a great angle too.

Additionally, travel-related products experience a sales boost in Summer, such as security cameras (try the Eufy/Anker affiliate program through ShareASale). Doorbell cams and other monitoring devices are popular during travel season and often pay well. In fact, many niches can have a travel angle, such as kids, pets, tech, health, or finance.

Water Sports & Recreation

New sports and equipment products are always hot sellers if you serve consumers who are into water fun. Think underwater scooters and other trendy toys for adults for maximum commissions.

Camping Supplies

From glamping to roughing it, camping is usually a more affordable alternative to travelling by air and staying in hotels. No matter what state the economy is in, families often choose camping to provide a memorable family vacation without breaking the bank.

We see higher sales as we approach the May long weekend in Canada, which continues throughout June. For the rest of the season, sales are steady until about the middle of August, then they decline into Autumn.

The trick to year round sales? Some camping supplies double as ‘survival’ gear for everything from natural disasters to power outages, and those continue to sell throughout the Winter.

Home Cooling

A scenario unfolds all over the world every Summer: A heat wave hits and every cooling product in town is sold out. Then they start searching online, where they’ll find YOU.

This can go beyond air conditioners and fans, which are expensive to ship. Try adding cooling comforters (Zonli has a good affiliate program for those), shades & awnings, an ice barrel for cold therapy, or a cool foot soak followed by menthol lotion. Many things can tame the heat of a Summer day.


Focus your niche on trending, related content, such as pollinators, gadgets, environmentally friendly items, solutions for small spaces or other gardening challenges.

Outdoor Living & Entertaining at Home

Consumers are still buying items that make their home an oasis, or at least a more relaxing and functional place to spend a lot of time in. It’s a leftover from the pandemic lockdowns, but it will continue as people spend more time at home to save money and help the environment. That leads us to the top overall theme to focus on: Do It Yourself (DIY).

Summer home trends include:

  • Outdoor work spaces
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fire pits
  • Patio décor
  • Pool play & maintenance
  • Outdoor games

For example, our  Big Guide to Planning and Building an Outdoor Kitchen presented several opportunities to promote affiliate advertisers, including fire pits, awnings, and related information products.

Kid’s Activities

Outdoor activities for kids do well, but the space is packed with competitors. We do a lot of outdoor play items for all ages, utilizing the Outdoor Play & Activities sections of our related affiliate advertisers.

The surprise in this category is how well water features for kids are selling, especially inflatable waterslides (Costzon has an affiliate program that includes these popular products). Inflatables allow families to have a huge water feature that is relatively easy to store over the Winter. They’re quite expensive, which will be reflected in the amount you make per sale. ‘Big ticket’ or high-end affiliate programs for kids can be hard to find, but they’re golden when you do.

We’ve always done better by solving problems for consumers in our ideal niche. If you can think of anything that will make a parent’s life easier when they’re on the road, you’ll be their hero. For example, we’ve focused on rainy day activities for small spaces (hotel rooms & campers), as well as activities for long drives. For instance, the huge selection of brain-teasers and puzzles from Puzzle Master (Canadian) sell well for us, and I’ve used them myself to fill a stocking or two so I know how great they are.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Businesses are open throughout the Summer but their needs can change with the seasons too. Give some thought to what your ideal target market needs and choose affiliate programs to address that need. It’s a market that is somewhat ignored when it comes to seasonal or holiday promotions, which renders it less competitive and more profitable.

More Affiliate Marketing Tips for a Successful Summer

• Summer themes related to products you sell can do very well.

For example:

  • If you sell swimsuits you could make a killing from home laser hair removal products.
  • If you’re selling a home mechanics course you could promote products that protect vehicles from the sun.
  • If you promote adventure travel you could sell clothing that protects people from mosquitos or the sun.

The same tactics apply to any kind of website sponsorship or influencer marketing.

• Keep the current state of the economy in mind as you make your selections. Get started with our post, 10 Types of Affiliate Programs That Earn More in Tough Times.

• Once you have narrowed it down to a few advertisers, contact their affiliate managers and ask them what their best selling products are. Then, create content or marketing funnels that are specifically designed to promote those products. It’s a great way to come up with content ideas that will be a good use of your time.

Summer content created around affiliate programs can result in engaging social media topics, and you can learn a lot from the discussion. Ask followers about their pain points. Then, you can create more content to help them.

Continue to monitor social media during the summer, not only for what’s trending but also for problems and challenges consumers are experiencing. For example, forest fires inspired our feature on air purifiers, which inadvertently covered allergies too. We reviewed it with a pet sector slant for our natural pet care niche in Protect Yourself And Your Pets With An Okaysou Air Purifier.  Always be on the lookout for opportunities on social media, and keep your brain in creative mode to come up with the best angles.

Where do your affiliate sales come from in the Summer? Please share your comments below, or join us in the Online Business Canada Facebook group.

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I want to do pools but they’re a little too big and too local I believe. Maybe unique pool toys or something.

Robert Klein

As usual, your posts are jam packed with information and links and I’ll use some suggestions for finding good keywords. The affiliate sales that I seek have no seasonal bounds as it’s more about picking a passion and recounting the journey of living that passion as opposed telling others how they should live that journey. But any one of your listed affiliate program categories for summer could be chosen for deeper dives into the particular subject.


Last year I didn’t know about the summer slump and didn’t change a thing. That’s why I like sites like this one! You think of stuff I don’t think of and do the stuff I do think of…BETTER!

queen L

I’ve never tried switching it up by season but it makes sense it would work with the right customers. I’ll try it! I don’t have any b2b clients right now but if I get some I’ll look at their avatar and try it too. really loving the tips here on this website!