The Best Affiliate Program Networks for Canadians

Finding the best affiliate program network in Canada is serious business that can have a major impact on your online income. There are so many networks, each with their own terms and conditions, and it’s common for individual affiliate programs to have their own rules on top of that. Some networks have a higher payout threshold for Canadians, for example, and often individual affiliate programs may not accept Canadians at all.

Canadian affiliate marketers require a network that accommodates them with a reasonable selection of Canadian merchants, as well as those outside of Canada who welcome affiliate marketers located here. We also require features that make it easy to find those merchants, such as a country search parameters. A good selection of “borderless” affiliate programs, such as digital products or web/cloud-based services, help us to round out our offers while still appealing to Canadian shoppers. Additionally, we need reasonable terms and conditions that don’t penalize us for living in this country.

The legwork involved with finding Canadian affiliate programs can be exhausting.  I’m going to cut your work in half by sharing the affiliate program networks that have worked best for me in over 25 years of working online in Canada.

The Best Affiliate Program Networks for Canadians

Share-a-Sale Affiliate Network We frequently promote Share-a-Sale merchants on several websites. They have the most two-tier affiliate programs of any company I’ve worked with, and that means more passive income for you. Canadian merchants include Net2Phone Canada and PuzzleMaster. Online services include OptinMonster and CreativeLive.

CJ – One of the largest affiliate networks and they have a good selection of Canadian merchants of all sizes, including Indigo, Lowes Canada and The Source. Cloud services include QuickBooks Canada and web-based programs include

Impact – A long-standing affiliate network with a growing number of global companies to promote. Canadian businesses on the network include Shopify, BestBuy Canada and ExpressVPN.

Rakuten Advertising (Linkshare) One of the oldest affiliate networks, now run by Rakuten. Canadian merchants include Hewlett-Packard (HP) Canada and Kobo Canada. Online services include Norton Antivirus and Fiverr.

Clickbank The best part about Clickbank affiliate programs is they deal entirely in digital products, such as ebooks, software or online courses. Commissions can be exceptionally high on these info-products. However, the level of quality will vary so it’s best to purchase the products yourself before recommending them.

Read our BIG guide, How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Canada for more information on getting started.

If you’re a Canadian merchant who wants to launch an affiliate program that attracts affiliate marketers in this country, we have a free, detailed guide to starting an affiliate program in Canada.

What is YOUR favourite affiliate program network? Please share your Canadian experience in the comments below or Discuss this and other online business topics in the Online Business Canada Facebook group.

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fitspresso reviews

I’ve become an eager follower of this stellar website over the past week. The owner clearly pours passion into serving up top-notch content that wows readers. I applaud their dedication and hope they keep up the ace work!

Ezra B

More Canadian choices in the past couple of years on networks but what about a CANADIAN network? Not enough Canadian businesses interested in affiliate marketing? Or has that changed. I’m thinking of starting my own affiliate network actually but I haven’t got far with the market research. Where do I find?


Any word on how the cookies will crumble for affiliate marketing tracking? The networks aren’t saying much about it that I can find.


Yeah so why DON’T we have Canadian affiliate networks?


I’d like an all Canadian network too! Maybe we should start one like a co-op or some other way….


I’m surprised and overwhelmed at the # of businesses with affiliate programs! I started joining one network (sharesale) and I don’t think I’ll need to join another one for a long while. We’ll see once my site is done. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to go through a bunch of networks to find one that’s canuck friendly THANKS


im looking to get into affiliate marketing, just researching the best niches that fit what i wanna promote, and the best way to build a free website for the time being


I’m going to have to try clickbank because I have to find an alternative to CJ’s.


Relatively new to this form of advertising. I’m in a niche market – e-bikes for people 50 plus. Started with Share-a-Sale but it doesn’t have great coverage in this niche. Reverting back to Amazon as I build my blog traffic and it has the range of products I can sell in Canada and the US.
I will be looking for travel and specialty tour companies later in the year when travel becomes popular again. Any suggestions? As well, do any insurance companies offer affiliate opportunities?


I think AWIN and Partnerize are also two good additions to the list.


Thanks for the information provided. Do these programs work now? Or are there any changes?

P Singh

What’s the most effective way to promote affiliates to get the most commissions?

Glenn B

Do you have a list of Affiliate Programs for canadian banks? Or do they even offer affiliate programs if you send leads to open a savings accounts, mortgage, etc.?

colleen cash

I use CJ the most because it’s the first one I signed up for but I’ve found it cumbersome since they revamped it. Tough to navigate and unnecessarily complicated. I’m not crazy about Shareasale’s new design either but overall it’s an improvement from the outdated format they used before. Probably the last couple of years I’ve noticed more Canadian businesses on all networks. Nice to see!

Richard Fronek

Interesting perspective on affiliate marketing. My personal experience with being successful in affiliate marketing comes from having the right platform and having hands on training provided by someone who has extensive experience. Systems work people fail – is such a true statement. I am fortunate enough to be part of a group that enabled me to use the system/platform you are trained on to create my own business, while still building, growing and scaling my affiliate business through them. Long term success is having continuous training and business scaling with not only services (digital products) but physical products as well.


Hello and thank you. I have millions of questions, but I will try to focus. I am new to all of this. I live i Quebec and I just launched a little t-shirt online store with my graphics on them. I am with Shopify and having a difficult time to understand promotion. I would like to do drop-shipping with Shopify app called Oberlo app. Now I have 2 questions. I am blocked not selling anything. I have a store, a domaine and stock. So, I dont have a tax #, as lots of drop-shipper needs to give to the merchant, can we go around that, until I start making a bit of money? and what is the best way to promote those products for a green person like me? Are Facebook ads good? Do you know of good products to get to start with with a minimum cost, under $100? I know there is more then 2 questions, but I do have a million more…lol
Thank you,
I would really appreciate your help. I really want to make this work. I hear of all those people making lots of money selling online and I want some of that pie. I am not asking for millions, but enough so I can work less physically and work more with my head on my laptop.
Christine 🙂


Avantlink Canadian is growing but I still use both that and the US one. Agreed that digital products are the easiest to sell with no shipping. Great list but I’d add CJ.


I’ve only been affiliate marketing for about 2 years but since joining through MTTB my commissions went through the roof! in 7 months flat I broke 6 figures, no kidding. I’m still not making 6 figures every month but I’m going to! Honestly, I still can’t believe it LOL.


Hi Jax, are you still earning your income through affiliate marketing and if so, is MTTB still the best option?


Another ShareaSale fan here. I use Click Bank a lot too. The latter has been a favourite lately because I’m writing an ebook and they have a lot of programs that fit right into that format. Gret list.


I wasn’t expecting so many choices. I guess they’re catching on that Canadians=money.


WOOHOO! Lots of cash coming right up! I’ve been staying in Shareasale mostly because it’s comfortable. I’m a little intimidated by learning new stuff especially when it comes to business. Right now I just have a mailing list & social but my blog will be up this summer. Exciting things to come!