Book Review – Leadership for Einsteins by Dr. Jim Sellner

Leadership for Einsteins: How Smart Leaders Bring Out The Genius In People
By Canadian Author, Dr. Jim Sellner,

There is no industry more in need of unique, effective leadership skills than Internet technology, and it can be the defining factor between success and failure for Canadian businesses. Leaders and managers in this sector are often expected to inspire and nurture an introverted, analytical, yet creative personality. However, management doesn’t know what they do or how they do it, and they just don’t get them on a personal or professional level. The personality group is largely their complete polar opposite and they are notoriously difficult to reach even by their peers.

Yet it’s this group that a company must nurture and encourage most if they are to have any hope of competing in the online world. These are the employees who are often disengaged and untapped, leading to high turnover rates instead of the anticipated innovation and competitive advantage. This is the group with the most potential to be a valuable asset to your company, if only you can bring out their inner Einstein.

The beauty of the techniques in this book, though, is they can be applied to anyone so they too can reach their full potential. It might be your eCommerce Specialist or the Administrative Assistant – virtually everyone has an inner genius just waiting to be discovered, appreciated, and converted into profit.

Leadership for Einsteins Book Review

“The truth is, every person in your company—except for you, of course—is at least 10 percent less effective than he or she could be,” says Dr. Sellner in his book. “Many of your employees are performing at 20 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent, or even 50 percent of their potential. The sad fact is they don’t like being that way no matter what you may think! If your employees are not performing up to their potential, then you, as a leader or manager, are not, either. You are even less effective than your most ineffective employee.”

In Leadership for Einsteins, you’ll discover how to work with each employee’s competence and motivation levels, resulting in an increase of employee value by thousands of dollars. To check out how productive your team is currently (measured in dollars), use this free demo.

The genius method is largely based on P = MC3, a process for increasing the five key areas that define a sustainable business:

  1. Financial intelligence
  2. Emotional intelligence
  3. Values, vision and mission
  4. Leadership and followership
  5. Commitment to action

You don’t have to take Dr. Sellner’s word for any of this. The book is infused with case studies and research conducted by reputable organizations like Harvard.

Dr. Sellner can’t help but have a unique, complete understanding of people because his experience and education is a combination of business and psychology. This multifaceted viewpoint is obvious in his observations and perhaps most importantly, in the solutions he provides. It’s obvious to the reader that this author is intimately acquainted with his inner Einstein, and is eagerly capable of assisting everyone in spotting and nurturing the genius in others.

“Leadership for Einsteins is a powerful tool that can mobilize people’s hearts and minds to channel their energies, abilities, and knowledge,” Dr. Sellner states. “It has a deep, rich foundation of research in biology and psychology as well as practical business applications from thousands of companies worldwide. It has grown out of my work with thousands of leaders over forty years.”

I have to say I’m not usually a fan of eBooks under 100 pages because they don’t typically have enough depth for me. Leadership for Einsteins packs a truly impressive amount of information into its 85 pages, however, making it both informative and a quick read. The Table of Contents is three full pages long with a regular-size font, so even an info-hog like me has plenty to consume. Still, it’s really good information and that left me wishing the book was longer. I’ll be eagerly awaiting this author’s future works.

This book is recommended reading for today’s leaders and managers. The value is compounded with the bonus included with purchase, a one hour, live, virtual consultation with Dr. Sellner himself. He has people paying him $650/hour for that honour, so be sure to cash it in. Based on the value of this product and the very reasonable price, we give Leadership for Einsteins a rating of 4 out of 5 maple leaves.

Canadians Internet Business Review

Leadership for Einsteins by Canadian author, Dr. Jim Sellner, is available in both eBook and print via Amazon.

What was the last good book you read about leadership that had specific applications to the online business world?  Please share it in the comments below.

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ebook reviews are great because there’s too many there now and a lot of them are crap LOL thanks


WOW. This book packs a lot of punch into a short read. Thanks for suggesting it.


Sounds like a good one!