Expert Tips to Boost Productivity When Working at Home (Infographic)

Statistics show most people are more productive working from home than they are at work. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to make an effort to stay motivated and avoid distractions.

How to Boost Productivity When Working From Home

The infographic below shares 8 tips for staying productive when working from home and we’ve added some of our own tips.

1. Work Around Your Natural Energy Levels

Google’s productivity advisor, Laura Mae Martin, says remote working gives you a chance to work when you are at your peak performance levels. Try keeping a productivity journal, noting your energy, focus and motivation levels each hour, every day for a week to see when you are usually at your best.

I like to get up around 5AM, work until noon, and then have a nap. After I get up, I like to move away from my desk and work at things that don’t take much focus while I’m watching TV. That might include monitoring our Facebook group, researching articles or social media marketing.

2. Shut the Door

If you have others at home while you’re working, Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, suggests you work behind a closed door if possible.

Home-based business owners have come up with clever ways to get their family to respect a closed door. For example, you can hang a red piece of paper on your door when you don’t wish to be disturbed. Not only will you be more productive, but you’ll also be able to record webinars, talk to clients on the phone, and so on.

3. Create a Designated Work Space

Laura Mae Martin suggests working in the same place to train your brain to associate that spot with work. Otherwise, your brain resets each time you move. If you have a spot that gets natural sunlight, you’ll enjoy a mental health boost along with greater productivity.

4. Add Some Plants

The American Psychological Association found plants filter the air, which can help us manage stress, focus our energy and increase productivity.

Some plants are known for their exceptional filtering ability, like Spider Plants. That doesn’t mean you can’t opt for other plants if they work better for you, such as Succulents.

5. Make Sure You Have a Speedy Internet Connection

‘Bandwidth’ is how your connection speed is measured. If your household does a lot of streaming movies or playing online games, you might need to boost your bandwidth.

It might not be a bandwidth problem, but a Wi-Fi signal issue. Try picking up a wireless repeater to extend the strength and reach of your Wi-Fi signal.

6. There’s an App for That

It’s a lot easier to concentrate if you don’t have a bunch of digital distractions to deal with. According to Career Builder, the top productivity killers are cell phones, the internet and email. Apps can block these distractions while you get your work done.

7. Stay in Touch with Coworkers and Colleagues

Co-workers can be distracting, but sometimes they have the opposite effect. A Virgin Pulse survey found 66% of workers said their colleagues positively affected their focus and productivity. Stay in touch with chat and meeting platforms like Zoom.

8. Get Moving

Exercise breaks get the blood flowing to your brain and keep you healthier overall. Try a workout app and set a reminder so you know when to stop and exercise. Do a different exercise each time the reminder alarm rings. Throw in a brisk walk after lunch to double the impact.

Consider a standing desk, chair stretches, or a pedal exerciser under your desk to further improve your fitness, circulation and focus.

What productivity tips do you have for people who work at home? Please share them in the comments below.

Work at Home Productivity
Courtesy of: Headway Capital
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Carla Marasigan

When you’re in a hybrid work environment, it can be hard to get things done—especially if you’re working with a team that’s spread out across the country or around the world. It’s easy to feel like you’re never going to be able to keep up with everything that needs doing, but there are some ways you can help yourself stay on track and keep your head above water. The working environment is one of the top factors to consider. Making sure it isn’t noisy or dull will help a lot to get the focus and concentration that you need. And when working in an office where a lot of things are taking place all at the same time, it is pretty hard to achieve a peaceful working environment. But I’ve found out about these Soundproof booths from a lot of companies, which they have been using whether for simple phone calls and solo or group meetings.


Thanks for the tips….I can use all the help I can get! Anyone else lose their motivation since COVD? It’s killing my drive for the first time in my life but I’ll get my mojo back….just you wait & see!