A recent Ipsos poll done in cooperation with the BC Association of Integrated Marketers, reached into the minds of British Columbia marketing professionals. The resulting statistics provide insight into the practices, concerns and information sources of these Canadian experts.

Where do British Columbia Marketers get their Marketing Information from?

BC Marketers stick surprisingly close to home when looking for marketing information. This may reflect the trend towards local online advertising. However, it’s more likely due to the massive number of other sources of information by comparison to local sources that BC marketers are bound to have in common.

LinkedIn 75%
Twitter 56%
Business in Vancouver 54%
BC Business 51%
Marketing 48%
Globe & Mail 47%
Association of Internet Marketers 45%
Facebook 39%
Mashable 38%
Vancouver Sun 36%

Favourite Online Advertising of BC Marketing Professionals

Online Display 92% (up 13%)
Search Engine Marketing 92% (up 6%)
Social Media Marketing 92% (up 1%)
Mobile Ads 75% (up 21%)

These numbers closely reflect the overall Canadian marketing plan statistics in The 2013 BrandSpark Canadian Marketers Survey:

  • 90% of marketers will implement online marketing
  • 85% of marketers will employ social marketing strategies
  • 69% will maintain or launch new mobile marketing strategies

What Apps do BC Marketers use in Business Meetings for Personal Reasons?

Twitter 41%
LinkedIn 38%
Facebook 37%
Skype 25%
Instagram 19%
Google+ 16%
Other 8%
Pinterest 7%

“These results show that marketing budgets are changing this year, and not necessarily in the way marketers would have predicted,” says Michael Rodenburgh, Executive Vice President of Ipsos in Western Canada. “But overall it’s clear that marketing has gone digital: there’s a boost in spending among customer experience and product and service strategy, and especially in digital strategy and Big Data.”

The following infographic illustrates these figures and provides other insights into marketing in British Columbia.

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BC Marketers Online

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Source: Ipsos

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  1. Tessa  September 19, 2014

    What a great find, thank you! BC is a marketing leader in Canada.

  2. Wendy Crandal  September 17, 2014

    BC benchmarks?! What a unique service you have here! I never thought I’d find much for Canadian business information but now I’m thrilled.

  3. Benny Leclerc  September 14, 2014

    Great idea for a survey and the info is appreciated.


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