5 Ways Your Business Can Save Energy

Canadian businesses have become more aware of their environmental footprint in recent years. Green initiatives include reducing energy consumption, either in their own office or through service providers like website hosts and data storage centres.  Our guest author suggests five ways your business can become more environmentally responsible, while also saving money.

5 Ways Your Business Can Save Energy

By Darren Wilson

Dealing with a monthly energy bill is just a part of owning a business, correct? After all, it is a necessary resource and its cost certainly can be considerable. With just a little bit of reviewing and restructuring, however, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you can save a significant amount of money on your company’s energy costs.

Here are 5 proven effective methods for cutting your company’s energy bill and reducing resource waste:

1. Switch To Diode (LED) Bulbs Or Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL)

You will be absolutely amazed at the amount of money you can save simply by making this relatively simple adjustment. Just swapping out a modern, energy-efficient 18-watt bulb for an older-type 60-watt bulb (given that this one bulb is in use for 10 hours a day) will cut energy costs by at least $1 per month. At a glance, this may not seem like a great amount of savings. Yet, if you take a moment to calculate the savings over a year’s time, you will realize the immense savings to be had. Again, this is just one light bulb. When you begin to consider the potential savings by updating all lighting sources within the facility, you will come to realize that the numbers are quite significant; and just as significant as the financial savings is the reduction of energy use and waste.

2. Install Energy-Efficient Thermostats

One of the best features of the newest models of energy-efficient thermostats is that they are fully programmable. They can be automatically adjusted to regulate the temperature throughout any facility. This means that during downtimes (weekends, holidays, evenings) the temperature can be reduced or the system can be shut down altogether until it opens for business once more. The thermostats can be programmed to activate one hour to the start of the business day and to shut off one-half to one hour after close. Along with these energy-saving practices, setting the thermostat at 20 degrees celsius on cooler days and at 25 degrees celsius on warmer days will further optimize energy use, conserving resources as well as money.

3. Invest In Modernized Office Equipment

Even if you currently have perfectly good office equipment, you will want to give consideration to selling it off or trading it in for updated, more energy-efficient products. For computers, printers, monitors, copiers, scanners, fax machines, refrigerators, and microwave ovens, you can’t go wrong by choosing equipment that bears the Energy Star mark. Energy Star is backed by a partnership between Natural Resources Canada and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to conserve energy and save money for consumers. Energy Star products include heating, cooling, and lighting systems. These products cut energy use by at least 50%, resulting in substantial savings on your company’s energy costs each every month as well as impressive resource conservation. Older or outdated equipment can draw unnecessary electricity, making it wasteful and costly. Energy Star exists to prevent this while providing top-of-the-line office equipment.

4. Request An Energy Audit For Your Business

The word “audit” generally causes the heart to skip a beat, the heart of a business owner in particular. However, in certain instances, an audit can actually save you money. For example, Calgary Energy Company  is happy to provide energy audits free of charge to their commercial customers. This comprehensive professional procedure helps to determine the best ways for your business to become more energy efficient by discovering where the most energy is being used from month to month. Once the audit is complete, adjustments can be made which will decrease the amount of both the money and resources being wasted.

5. Turn Off Equipment And Lights When Not In Use

Often the simplest fixes are the most effective ones, and also the easiest to overlook. Turning off lights, computers, monitors, and all other equipment at the end of the workday or prior to leaving for the weekend, will do more to save money and energy than nearly anything else. Install motion-activated lighting in areas such as restrooms and breakrooms so that lights will not be in use when these areas are unoccupied. Also in the breakroom, plug all smaller appliances (toaster oven, coffeepot, microwave, and the like) into a powerstrip. This will make it easy to shut off all appliances together at the end of the workday/week, with the flip of a single switch.

The High Cost of Wasted Energy

When it comes to saving money and conserving energy in Calgary, Alberta, and other regions in Canada, it is the responsibility of every business to do its part. The most notable reason for cutting down on energy waste is to decrease the harmful emissions released into the atmosphere by power plants, thereby helping to save the environment while conserving and protecting the earth’s natural resources. Calgary Energy Company can provide several helpful ideas for energy conservation.

In order for electricity to be generated, the majority of power plants utilize the power of burning crude oil, coal, or other types of fossil fuels. When measured in monetary terms, this method of providing energy is decidedly cost-effective. Unfortunately, the price is high for our environment and our planet. Some of the harmful byproducts of this method of producing energy include nitrogen dioxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide. These are among the most harmful pollutants known. Such emissions have, in fact, been proven to be instrumental in the progression of global warming.

As a business owner, take the initiative and provide your employees and customers with helpful information on energy conservation. Consider posting facts and helpful tips on saving energy around your facility in order to encourage employees, customers, and their families to become actively involved in recycling, being more conscientious about turning off lights when leaving a room, being aware of thermostat settings and adjusting them according to weather conditions, and so on. Your proactive approach will inspire action in others. A small bit of responsible behavior, especially from a person in an influential position, will go a long way.

Author Bio:
I am Darren Wilson working as Outreach specialist who loves to read and travel. I wrote on various topics on various blogs irrespective of their sizes. My strong educational background and family support have been a broad base to research and write on various topics. Reading by night and writing by day keep me updated about the field I am working on.

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