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How the Business of eBooks is Changing Publishing [Infographic]

Data from the 4th Annual eBook Survey of Publishers indicates the publishing industry is adapting to utilize the eBook format, but may fall short in capitalizing on it. While the opportunities are boundless and have been tested with amazing success long before eBooks were a publishing norm, as an industry publishing appears hesitant to run with the concept.

This infographic digs into the business of eBooks and hints at the publishing industry’s hesitancy to fully embrace eBooks with statistics like:

{Click & magnify for full-size}
Source:  Aptara

It’s encouraging that four out of five publishers now produce eBooks, but it’s the companies that fully integrate eBooks with their family of products that will truly benefit from them.

I still value print books, probably because 90% of the books I own are reference material of some kind. Which book format do you prefer? Do you have any suggestions for publishers?


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