Canada Ranks Second in Top Amazon Marketplaces for SMB Sellers

Amazon provides a platform to quickly and profitably turn Canadian ecommerce dreams into reality, even if they’re new to online business. According to Amazon, in 2021 Canadian sellers sold almost 110 million products (209 every minute). More than half of them were fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Close to 4000 Canadian sellers had over $100,000 in sales.

Within three months, most beginners have their Amazon business started and their first live listing. Almost all of them have their business operational within a year. Nine percent of Amazon sellers live in Canada, ranking second behind the US with 47 percent, according to a recent survey from Jungle Scout.

Amazon started in the US and it still leads the pack with 80 percent of all traffic. The Canadian marketplace, the first of many international expansions, receives the second highest number of visitors at 23 percent. The most recent global marketplace was launched last year in Poland, accounting for 3 percent of all traffic.

Top International Amazon Marketplaces for Third-Party Sellers

  1. United States 80%
  2. Canada 23%
  3. United Kingdom 15%
  4. Germany 10%
  5. Mexico 10%
  6. France 7%
  7. Spain 6%
  8. Australia 6%
  9. Italy 6%
  10. The Netherlands 4%
  11. India 4%
  12. Japan 3%
  13. Sweden 3%
  14. Poland 3%
  15. United Arab Emirates 3%
  16. Singapore 2%
  17. Brazil 1%
  18. Saudi Arabia 1%
  19. Turkey 1%

Amazon’s Egypt marketplace was not included in this survey.

Sellers in any location can reach all of these global markets through simultaneous listings. In fact, 32 percent of Amazon sellers currently sell in more than one Amazon marketplace. Amazon sellers have big plans for expansion into global markets too, be it for the first time or in addition to multiple current markets outside of their home country.

2022 Amazon Top Global Marketplaces Ranking

What Are Small-Medium Businesses Selling on Amazon?

Much thought and consideration goes into which products a seller chooses to sell on Amazon. It might be their own products or items they’ve obtained from a wholesaler. In this highly-competitive environment, they have to consider demand, competition, category restrictions, etc., as well as data obtained through various tools and sources (including Jungle Scout).

The top Amazon product categories for small business sellers are as follows:

  1. Home & Kitchen 32%
  2. Beauty & Personal Care 23%
  3. Toys & Games 20%
  4. Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 18%
  5. Health, Household & Baby Care 17%
  6. Sports & Outdoors 16%
  7. Arts, Crafts & Sewing 15%
  8. Books 15%
  9. Kitchen & Dining 14%
  10. Baby 14%
  11. Electronics 14%
  12. Tools & Home Improvement 13%
  13. Pet Supplies 13%
  14. Office Products 12%
  15. Garden & Outdoor 12%
  16. Grocery & Gourmet Food 10%
  17. Appliances 8%
  18. Cell Phone & Accessories 8%
  19. Automotive Parts & Accessories 7%
  20. Handmade 6%
  21. Apps & Games 6%
  22. Industrial & Scientific 5%
  23. Computers 5%
  24. Video Games 4%
  25. Collectibles & Fine Art 4%
  26. CDs & Vinyl 3%
  27. Luggage & Travel Gear 3%
  28. Musical Instruments 2%

Other Popular Marketplaces

Online sellers are expanding their market through other online marketplaces as well, providing much-needed diversity and a greater reach. Currently, 58 percent of Amazon sellers list products on at least one additional ecommerce platform/marketplace.

  • 28% of Amazon sellers also sell on eBay
  • 15% also sell on Shopify
  • 13% also sell on Etsy
  • 12% also sell on the Facebook Marketplace
  • 12% also sell on

Amazon Snapshot

There are almost 2 million third-party, small and medium sized businesses on Amazon around the world. About 3700 new sellers join Amazon every single day. That’s because the marketplace is a good bet for small-medium businesses, with 76 percent of current SMB sellers being profitable.

Amazon by the Numbers 2022

Which global marketplaces do you sell on through Amazon? Please post in the comments below, or join us in the Online Business Canada Facebook group.


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