Featured Canadian Company: TDOT Performance Parts

This feature is sponsored by TDOT Performance.

TDOT Performance was founded in 2009 by Charith Perera & Mubin Vaid in Toronto, Ontario. They provide a truly vast selection of automotive performance parts, interior and exterior accessories, lighting, wheels and tires.

The company has proven that eCommerce can work well in Canada, even for products often considered to be too challenging for online sales. Their success story is built upon a strong mission to provide this country with a Canadian alternative to expensive US importing.

TDOT differentiates itself with:

  • Easy navigation, featuring four ways to search for products (by vehicle, category, brand or the entire store).
  • Low prices on hundreds of thousands of high-quality automotive performance parts & accessories.
  • A price match guarantee.
  • The prices are in Canadian currency, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying and you won’t have to worry about duties or brokerage fees.
  • Fast, free shipping of most parts to most locations in Canada.
  • Extra measures are taken to provide a secure transaction and data protection, addressing a top concern of Canadians who shop online.
  • 30 day, no-hassle returns
  • Authorized Retailer status, which means you’ll be covered by the manufacturers warranty. A common problem online is unauthorized sellers who provide products that won’t be covered by a manufacturers warranty.

TDOT Performance Ecommerce

Honours & Achievements

TDOT Performance is an eCommerce businesses that started with nothing and proceeded to prove itself with rapid growth on a shoestring budget. Passion for the industry kept these entrepreneurs motivated and facilitated informed choices. They don’t just serve a customer base, they ARE the customer base.

Their achievements include:


“I realized that my biggest asset wasn’t money because I didn’t have any – it was my time,” Charith Perera told Startup Here Toronto. “I knew that I would have to bootstrap like crazy just to get something going, and it was a snowball effect. I didn’t have any money, but if I do this and save it up and put it back into the business and keep a laser-focus on making incremental improvements, you eventually have something that works.”

Online businesses are perfect for bootstrapping by entrepreneurs with little cash to work with. You can get started with minimal investment and build your empire, virtual brick by brick, learning as you go along. When the time comes to scale, the right investor can make all the difference. When that time came for TDOT, they made a $1 million dollar deal with Michele Romanow on Dragons’ Den.

“They’ve been very shrewd in how they built it,” Michele Romanow told the Financial Post. “For example, drop shipping on demand means they don’t have to carry a lot of inventory, which is expensive.”

Clearly, the strategy has paid off for TDOT Performance. According to the Canadian Business list of Fastest-Growing Companies, their five year revenue growth rate is 949%, with sales coming in at $10-20 million. To date, they’ve served over 50,000 Canadians with the help of 29 employees.

Contact TDOT Performance Parts

TDOT Performance Parts

Toronto, Ontario

Call Toll Free: 1-800-276-7566
International: 1-800-276-7566
Email: helpdesk@tdotperformance.ca

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I only ordered once from tdot so far but it all went smooth.


Always been happy with my purchases from Tdot to my home in Nova Scotia!