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Canadian Digital Advertising Trends for 2016 (Statistics)

The majority of Canada’s top advertisers will increase their digital marketing activities and budget in 2016, according to new statistics from AdGear by Ad Hoc research. While amazing progress has been made in recent years and growth has accelerated, this data indicates that digital advertising has yet to fully mature in Canada.

“The survey clearly indicates that there are as many companies that perceive themselves as leader of their industry (24%) as there are that see themselves as lagging behind (28%), with the bulk of them (43%) considering they are at par,” the report states.

2016 Digital Advertising Budget

Internal or External Media Buying Management?

Programmatic Buying

Joe Zawadzki, CEO of MediaMath, simply defines programmatic buying as “The use of technology to automate processes and the use of math to improve results. It is the future of marketing, available now.”

Mobile Advertising

42% of respondents say their mobile advertising spending will increase in 2016, while 26% say it will stay the same. Those who anticipate an increase expect it to jump an average of 31.3%.

Will you increase your digital advertising budget this year? Please share your plans in the comments below.

Source: Digital Advertising Trends: What to Expect in 2016. AdGear (Montreal and Toronto). Dec. 2015.

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