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Sometimes you don’t really know where you are until you see where the other guy is. has gathered statistics from multiple data sources around the world and compiled it all into comparison charts.  They released their data in January, 2014, and we’re bringing it to you from the Canadian perspective.  While the multiple sources provide a bigger, and often more accurate picture, it also makes some of the numbers a little confusing when they’re brought together.

First, some key figures:

  • There are 2,484,915,152 Internet users in the World, or 35% of the total population
  • There are 1,856,680,860 active social network users in the World, or 26% of the total population
  • There are 6,572,950,124 mobile subscribers in the World, or 93% of the total population

Canadian Internet Statistics

  • 86% (29,760,764) of Canadians are Internet users, second only to the UK at 87% and followed by Germany at 84%.  The US comes in 8th with 80% of their population being Internet users.
  • The World household average time spent online using a desktop or laptop device is 48 hours, and 21 hours connecting through mobile devices.
  • Canadian households spend an average of 49 hours/day accessing the Internet through a desktop or laptop computer and 19 hours/day connecting through a mobile device.
  • For comparison, Argentina residents spend the most time online using mobile devices at 34 hours/day.  Brazilians spend the most hours/day online connected through a desktop or laptop computer at 61 hours. Americans connect with a desktop or laptop computer for 52 hours/day and through a mobile device for 24 hours/day.
  • The average time individual Canadian users are online using a desktop or laptop computer is 4 hours and 53 minutes.  Mobile device users are connected for an average of 1 hour 51 minutes.

Mobile Canadians

  • Household mobile usage penetration among internet users is 76% (26,263,000), which is below the world average of 93%.  58% of the country connects to the Internet via a mobile device.
  • 56% of Canadians have a Smartphone
  • 89% of Canadian Smartphone users search for local information, compared to 94% in the US.
  • 77% use their Smartphone to research products, which is equal to the US.
  • 27% of Canadian Smartphone users have made a purchase using their phone, compared to 46% in the US.

Social Canadians

  • We have the highest social media network penetration in the World.  82% of Canadians use a social network by comparison to 75% of Americans.
  • 55% of online Canadians (19,000,000) are active on the top social network in this country, Facebook.  We rank 12th in the number of hours we spend actually using social media each day.  Canadian individuals spend an average of 2 hours 19 minutes on social networks each day. 46% of mobile phone users have a social media app. 9% of Canada’s mobile users utilize location-based services.
  • 91% of Canadian Internet users have a social media account and 66% have used social media in the past month.
  • 85% have a Facebook account and 57% have used Facebook in the past month.
  • 46% have a Twitter account and 22% have used Twitter in the past month.
  • 45% have a Google+ account and 13% have used Google+ in the past month.
  • 30% have a LinkedIn account and 11% have used LinkedIn in the past month.
  • 26% have a Pinterest account and 10% have used Pinterest in the past month.

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There must be a typo of sorts (or a missing decimal) in this claim: “Canadian households spend an average of 49 hours/day accessing the Internet through a desktop or laptop computer and 19 hours/day connecting through a mobile device.”

Phin York ON

It’s eye opening isn’t it? We’re doing well in tech adoption for the most part but we sure hold back a lot in some areas. I wonder why? I guess we want everyone to make all the mistakes first and then come in with an ace game. 😉

delaney hickey

Hey….we’re doing pretty good eh! It’s a bit confusing all jumbled together but I still got a lot out of it….thanks.

Shirley Johnson

Thank you SO MUCH for giving us the Canadian snapshot. I would never have gone through almost 200 slides of data that didn’t interest me. Great work!