15 CANADIAN Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers

It can be frustrating to track down Canadian dropshipping companies. Most Canadian retailers and wholesalers haven’t caught on to the opportunity, or they dismissed it long before it was the feasible fulfillment option it is today. International companies that serve Canadian sellers are much more plentiful.

There are, however, a few individual companies and wholesalers in Canada that offer drop shipping to Canadian sellers. Some have active public programs, while others may consider it if you contact them directly. You might have to explain the concept to them and let them mull it over. Refer them to Wholesale Suppliers: How to Offer Dropshipping Services for further guidance if they need it.

Most individual companies use a product/data feed of some sort so you can integrate their stock list for your online store. Adding their products is more manual than automated, if they don’t have an app of their own. Additionally, they may not be able to provide real-time inventory updates, which are critical to avoid selling a product that’s actually sold out. The best you’ll usually find are daily updates.

A growing number of Canadian dropshippers go through an existing app for multiple wholesale suppliers who provide this type of fulfillment service, which is a whole lot easier for both parties. These apps feed into major ecommerce platforms, such as Canada’s Shopify. This allows users of those ecommerce platforms to automate product listing and order processing, as well as automated access to real-time inventory.

I very rarely deal with companies who don’t have an app with live inventory tracking. It’s just too labour intensive, and constantly worrying about product availability adds too much stress to the drop shipped fulfillment business model.

A few third party drop shipper marketplace apps with both international and Canadian companies are:


CJ Dropshipping


Syncee marketplace includes Canadian wholesalers, with some offering drop shipping services.

Canadian Wholesale Dropshippers

Following are Canadian companies that have existing drop shipping programs, or international companies that have a Canadian location:

Dreamhug – Weighted blankets in Ontario available for drop shipping or wholesale purchase.

Payless Medical (Best Buy Medical Supplies Inc) – Large Canadian drop shipper with over 15,000 medical products. They have five warehouses, strategically located in New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, to provide 1-2 day delivery to most customers in Canada.

Meo Marley’s – Herbal Blends made from smokable herbs & flowers (no controlled substances). You can deal with Meo Marley’s through the Syncee app on all major ecommerce platforms.

KimmyShop.com – Toys, puzzles, bags, backpacks, apparel, party supplies, décor and more featuring characters from Disney, TMNT, Marvel, Mattel, Hasbro, etc. Currently offering a 15% discount to drop ship account holders. Orders are shipped from Montreal, Quebec or Champlain, NY.

Printful Ontario Distribution Centre – Order custom design products to dropship or sell direct online under your own brand. Customize over 140 products, including T-shirts and other clothing, décor, posters, phone cases and more.  Sell from your website, including all major eCommerce platforms.

Grosche – Kitchenware company offers drop shipping in both Canada and the US, along with wholesale options.

Wordans – Canadian clothing wholesaler specializing in t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, work clothes, accessories, etc. They have offices in Ontario and Quebec, along with distribution in a number of Canadian cities.

Paper Provisions – Dropships paper goods and prints at 30% off (plus shipping) from Burnaby, BC.

Nu-Look Fashions – Canadian Fashion wholesaler offering wholesale clothing with drop shipping options, including knitwear, formal wear, office wear, sportswear, cruise/resort wear, and evening wear.

Escape Swimwear – Wholesale and drop-shipped Canadian swimwear.

Prepac Manufacturing  Ships ready-to-assemble furniture (manufactured in Canada) from Delta, BC. Contact them for more information about wholesale and drop-shipping opportunities.

GFurn – Drop ships furniture, design lightings and home décor accessories from Montreal. They just upgraded their drop shipping program and can now offer full ecommerce integration with real-time inventory updates. Drop shipping is offered via Syncee.

Hammock Universe – Drop shipping hanging chairs, hammocks and accessories out of Ontario.

The Cap Guys Inspired Exclusives Brand – Ball caps & t-shirts shipping out of Ontario. Dropshipping is available through either the Spocket or Syncee app on major ecommerce platforms.

One Wholesale – Wholesale Cannabis accessories drop shipping out of Toronto. They integrate with Shopify and can provide real-time inventory updates.

For print-on-demand drop shippers in Canada, please refer to 8 Print-on-Demand (POD) Drop Shipping Suppliers for Canadian Sellers.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to find Canadian dropshippers, you just need to find wholesale suppliers that will ship to Canada (or you could choose to not sell to Canadians at all). The beauty of the Internet is that the World is your marketplace. 

For a big tutorial about dropshipping in Canada and additional suppliers, read Wholesale Drop Shipping for Canadian Online Sellers.

Drop Shipping / Wholesale Cycle for Canadian Sellers

We’ll update this list as we find more Canadian dropshippers to share. The number of wholesalers who embrace the opportunity will increase, but they’ll take their time. It’s the Canadian way.

Join us to discuss drop shipping in Canada in the Online Business Canada Facebook group, or comment below.

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