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Canadian publishers were surveyed by Booknet Canada to determine their eBook sales and distribution strategy and results in 2013. Almost 90% of respondents publish in the eBook format. A strong 80% of respondents reported eBook sales in Canada through multiple channels in the past year. Retail is the most successful sales channel overall, lead by Kobo. One in three publishers reported more than 10% of their revenue came from eBook sales.

Ebook Distribution by Publishers in Canada

  1. 91% of Canadian publishers said they distribute eBooks through retailers.
  2. 45% of publishers go through wholesalers
  3. 42% sell direct, such as through a website
  4. 15% distribute eBooks through other channels

Publishers Utilize a Number of Pricing Models

Top 9 Canadian eBook Retailers

  1. Kobo
  2. Amazon (Kindle)
  3. Apple iBookStore
  4. Barnes and Noble
  5. Sony
  6. Google
  7. Diesel eBooks
  8. Books On Board (No longer in business)
  9. Other

Canadian Publisher eBook Revenue Data

It was noted that 20% of published eBooks registered no sales in Canada, but that may be due to them being free, incompatible formats, or a lack of effective marketing.

Side note: Just over half (53%) of Canadian publishers use Adobe InDesign to produce eBooks.

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Source: Booknet Canada The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2013

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