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Canadians are increasingly enthusiastic about their Smartphones, with 67% of us owning one and 38% of us admitting we can’t imagine leaving home without it. 49% of Canadian grocery shoppers would also like to use their Smartphone to save money at the store with app’s, according to research by Mintel, but only 13% actually do so. Just 12% of Canadians have shopped for groceries online, even though 71% are experienced online shoppers. Grocery stores will have to work slowly and steadily to improve the internet shopping experience and educate consumers.

“Our research indicates resistance to grocery shopping online stems primarily from concerns around the freshness of products. However, there is hope for the offering as a fifth of shoppers are interested in making a grocery purchase online, while not having done so to date. Among those who have bought groceries online (12%), there is interest in ordering groceries online again (8%),” said Carol Wong-Li, Senior Lifestyles and Leisure Analyst at Mintel.

While 68% of Canadians surveyed said they haven’t and won’t shop for groceries online, interest varies greatly amongst age groups, income level, and for those with families.

Shoppers most interested include:

26% of Canadians under 45 years old
28% of households with children
25% of households with three or more residents
24% of those who are employed

Canadians most likely to have shopped for groceries online:

21% of residents aged 25-34
24% of Asian Canadians
18% of households with Children under the age of 18

How to Encourage Grocery Shoppers to Buy Online

“Beyond re-creating the traditional coupon experience on a new platform, grocery retailers have the opportunity to adapt technology in ways that could vastly improve the grocery shopper experience,” said Wong-Li. “This will be increasingly important as the cost of food continues to rise and the market becomes more crowded.”

Other Canadian Grocery Shopping Statistics

While not directly related to shopping online, the following Canadian statistics will be helpful in general to those in this sector.

Are you offering omni-channel options or online ordering to Canadian grocery shoppers? Please share your experience or questions in the comments below.

Source: Mintel Grocery Retailing – Canada

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