According to a recent retail forecast from The Centre for Retail Research, online shopping via mobile device (tablets and smartphones) will increase in Canada to 16.2% in 2015, up from 11.3% in 2014.

Canadian Mobile eCommerce to Grow in 2015Canadian Online Spending by Device

  • PC 83.8% (down from 88.7% in 2014)
  • Tablet 7.5% (up from 4.9% in 2014)
  • Smartphone 8.7% (up from 6.4% in 2014)
  • The combined total of mobile devices used to shop online in Canada will be 16.2% in 2015 (up from 11.3% in 2014). By comparison, American mobile online spending will reach 26.8% and European mobile shopping will account for 20% of online purchases.

Of course, the number of Canadians using their mobile phone as part of an omni-channel experience or for product research is significantly higher. Canadian retailers could land the sale if they make it easy and tempting to do so. For example, they can have a limited-time coupon pop up on their product information page. Simply making it easy to add the item to their cart and check out via mobile device could seriously increase conversions.

Combine the growing demand with Google’s April update focusing on a mobile-friendly website design, and it’s obvious that a focus on mobile has become mission-critical. Not only to sell to Canadians, but to a global market as well.

It’s so easy for retailers to sell to mobile online shoppers (mCommerce) these days, especially if they opt for the right website and shopping cart host. Mobile-friendly features are built right into most online store solutions and a number of them are also equipped to serve Canadian shoppers, such as Shopify Canada.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessHave you noticed more mobile purchases on your website or an increase in mobile visitors in 2015? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

The Centre for Retail Research

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2 Responses to "Canadian Mobile eCommerce (mCommerce) to Grow in 2015 ©"

  1. Derek  April 26, 2015

    Maybe the google mobile focus will jumpstart mobile overall for Canadian businesses. If they’re updating their site to be mobile friendly they might as well take it all the way right?

  2. RyanM  April 8, 2015

    Honestly I think it’s taking over entirely and will be the number one shopping method as sooon as they get better at wifi security. I connect with a VPN for protection no matter where I am.


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