Canadian Moms’ Top 7 Social Media Networks

“Digital moms” are a huge target of Canadian marketers and it pays to know where they hang out online. The results of a 2013 survey of 611 Canadian moms conducted by Mom Central Consulting was released in February, 2014. Their statistics show growth in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usage among online moms, while YouTube and Pinterest usage dropped. New additions to the top 7 ranking include Google+ and Tumblr.

Canadian Moms’ Top 7 Social Media Networks

  1. Facebook – 90% of Canadian moms check Facebook at least once per week, a 9% increase over 2012. 75% of those surveyed said they checked Facebook daily, an increase of 8% over 2012 statistics.
  2. YouTube – Only 56% of Canadian moms visited YouTube at least once per week in 2013, by comparison to 81% in 2012.
  3. Pinterest – 30% of moms in Canada visited Pinterest at least once per week last year, a drop of 16% since 2012.
  4. Twitter – 26% of moms in Canada visited Twitter at least every week, a 12% increase over 2012.
  5. Google+ – 16% of Canadian moms are on Google+ at least once per week.  Google+ is a big hit with French-speaking moms, with 30% of them visiting the social network at least once per week, a critical detail for those who market to Canadian moms.
  6. Instagram – 16% of moms in Canada drop by Instagram at least once every week, an increase of 7% over 2012.
  7. Tumblr – 11% of Canadian moms visit Tumblr at least once per week.

Canadian Moms' Top Social Media Networks

75% of the Canadian moms surveyed have a SmartPhone, and 49% of them use it to visit social media sites. One of the top reasons (5) Canadian moms log into social media is to find coupons, deals and other offers. 42% trust information posted to social media pages by businesses and brands and 38% trust social network advertising.

Have you ever marketed to online Canadian moms specifically?  Please share your campaign results and what you learned in the comments below.

Mom Central Consulting Digital Mom 2013 Infographic
Mom Central Consulting French Digital Mom Study 2013

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I guess most moms don’t stay at home because I don’t know why they’d need a smartphone if they do. I do see most moms on facebook, it’s the young people that’ve moved on.

Lady J

Go MOMS!! Truly the best market to go after. They’re smart, savvy, and they hold the wallet. Great stats, thanks for sharing.


They’ll be following their favourite brands on other social media networks now that Facebook is making such a stupid move in only showing updates for paid advertising. Such a shame they’re ruining their own network with greed.