Online Business Idea – Bulk Candy in Canada

Have you ever been searching for something in Canada and thought, “Somebody should start a business in that”?  It happens to me all the time! I’ll share these niches with you as they come up, in the hopes of inspiring a business idea or two. Let’s start with a quick guide for starting an online bulk candy business in Canada.

I’ve been looking for online bulk candy suppliers in Canada for occasions like Halloween. I found one or two with a limited selection and high prices, but nothing impressive at truly bulk prices.  After relentless searching, I could only find truly bulk candy suppliers outside of Canada, and the shipping was too high to make an order feasible. In my desperation, I tried to find a Bulk Barn offline in my area, but I couldn’t find one of those either (take note, British Columbia, there’s a bonus franchise idea here).

What I Was Looking For

  • Canadian business
  • Bulk pricing. “Bulk” doesn’t only mean a large number in a bag, it means volume pricing.
  • Reasonable shipping
  • Novelty – I like to get at least a few items that are a little different than what is normally found in stores.
  • Individually wrapped

The Possibilities in this Niche

A candy store can change with the seasons to become a thriving business all year ’round.  Canadians love their candy and many occasions call for it, such as:

  • Birthdays, anniversaries & other celebrations calling for a party
  • Weddings
  • Showers
  • Holidays, including Christmas, Halloween and Easter.
  • Fundraisers
  • Business events

Complimentary Products for Your Bulk Candy Store

  • Shoppers often need something to repack the bulk candy in, so stock bulk cellophane bags, tulle, fancy plastic cups, etc.
  • Party favours
  • Bulk party supplies
  • Promote affiliate programs featuring related products, such as costumes.

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What You’ll Need

  • A full understanding of the volume “bulk” profit model.
  • Business license
  • Health-inspected storage
  • Logo
  • Domain name
  • Website hosting with e-commerce / catalogue support (Such Shopify Canada)
  • Scales
  • Large food-grade bags
  • Printer labels
  • Shipping supplies

Bonus Tip:  You can offer popular products if you can give shoppers a seriously good bulk candy discount. To really bring them in and encourage orders with a higher profit margin, also stock unique products that may not be easy to find in Canadian retail. Unique items can overcome online sales objections, such as shipping costs. Keep an eye on your local bulk food stores to maintain your originality and competitive pricing.

Let me know when you start an online bulk candy business in Canada so I’m ready for next Halloween! Have you ever seen a gap in the Canadian market that would make a good business idea? Please share in the comments or join us in the Online Business Canada Facebook group.

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Phil Walmsley

Well, I do own the name SWEETEST.CA I just need the candy;)


Bulk is sometimes heavy stuff to ship and that gets expensive but I’m going to look into the possibilities. Not everything ways a ton I suppose. hhhhmmmmm


I totally like your thought so keep bringing those business ideas on. Hopefully it will give Canadians something to think about.

Randy Manitoba

It’s tough to keep the price low on bulk items when the profit margin is so thin but I like your ideas to make it unique enough to pull it off. I think I’d have to make people pay for shipping though because it’s so expensive in Canada. Like you said before flatrate boxes could make a big difference to Canadian small businesses but Canada Post will never do it. They’re killing off their meal ticket and they’re too stupid to realize it.


I’ve been looking for a supplier for a school Christmas party and there sure is a need for bulk candy ordering in Canada!


I couldn’t find anything online in Canada either! Nothing at bulk rates anyway.


It would be great with reasonable shipping but canada post is so anti small business it’s tough to make a go of it here.