Canadian Retailers Facing Omnichannel Challenges (Statistics & Slides)

Canadian businesses have struggled with eCommerce in general, which in turn has left many of them overwhelmed by the omni/multi-channel experience today’s consumers want. 2015 statistics from a survey done by Deloitte and Tulip Retail, indicate a storefront is still a popular purchase point, but shoppers also want digital options. This data suggests that while eCommerce and multichannel options are expected as part of a satisfying shopping experience, they aren’t replacing the in-store experience. In fact, 70% claim that over 50% of purchases are still made in their store.

Points of InterestCanadian Retailers Facing Omnichannel Challenges

  • 30% of respondents wish they could offer better shipping options from their store.
  • 70% of responding retailers have a Canadian loyalty program, and 40% of them intend to invest more into their loyalty programs.
  • Less than 40% of Canadian retailers surveyed provide mobile devices to their sales and customer service staff.
  • 50% of respondents extend their price-matching policies to web-based retailers.
  • Almost 30% of participating retailers are investing in analytics to build customer loyalty. 22% would like to base more business decisions on analytics.

The Top 5 Omnichannel Challenges:

1. Budgetary constraints
2. Supply chain operations
3. Required IT investments
4. Resourcing limitations
5. Lack of marketing effectiveness

“Retailers need to work harder to provide their customers with an integrated experience – a combination of physical stores, eCommerce, multiple effortless options for delivery and returns,” the report states. “At the end of the day, a robust Omnichannel organization that delivers a superior customer experience across all channels is the only option for survival in the marketplace. And the best chance for that is with leaders who can reimagine retail with the consumer in mind.”

We Have a Plan

Canadian retailers are strategizing to level the playing field between them and their online competitors by:

  • Pricing competitively.
  • Providing knowledgeable staff.
  • Building a recognizable brand.
  • Modernizing the shopping experience.
  • Utilizing customer relationship management and leveraging analytics.

What are you doing to combine the online and offline retail worlds?

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I’ve had the hardest time finding qualified programmers & web designers to help us with omnichannel. There are lots that do one part of it like building a mobile friendly site but hardly any do it all. The ones that do it all charge thousands of dollars. I know it’s a lot of work but they have to be more reasonable than 5 figures!


I can’t imagine we’ll catch up fast since we’re still struggling with online stores but maybe we’ll fastforward once we get going. Good points!