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A whopping 89% of Canadian SmartPhone users have purchased something online in the past year, according to new research from Leger and SAS Institute.  Merchants offering a personalized experience enjoy a much higher rate of sales and engagement.  In fact, more than half of SmartPhone users regularly click on personalized ad’s compared to a third who click on online ads in general.

Canadians use their SmartPhone to purchase:

  1. Apps 45%
  2. Music 27%
  3. Ringtones 21%
  4. From a company website 19%
  5. Groupon or ‘team buy’ 15%
  6. Other 14%
  7. Coffee 6%
  8. Gas 2%

What is a Personalized Digital Shopping Experience?

A personalized digital shopping experience is based on what we know about the shopper, such as location, browsing or purchase history.  We’ve reached a point where Canadians expect this type of personalization, or at least show a preference for it.

“They expect a story tailored specially for them, a level of trust and transparency with the brands they do business with and, most importantly, a great experience,” chief marketing officer for Adobe, Ann Lewnes, commented recently. “Brands delivering anything less will ultimately be ignored.”

Offering a personalized digital shopping experience may include:

Other statistics support these findings.  Research from 84444 Canada, a mobile marketing company, found that 58% of Canadians want to receive mobile promotions and 38% would be inclined to buy more with the service.

Are you providing a personalized experience to Canadians who purchase with their mobile phones?  Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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Original photo: H. Lundgaard

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