Est. 8 Million Canadians Plan to Shop Amazon Prime Day in 2022

PRESS RELEASE – 27% of Canadian adults, or roughly an estimated 8.2 million people, plan to shop this year’s Amazon Prime Day sales, up from 24% in 2021, according to ‘Finder’s Amazon Prime Day Shopping Report’.

Finder’s survey of 1,201 Canadian internet users reveals the most popular category to shop for is make-up and skincare, with about 8.2% of Canadians planning to purchase these products.

An additional 7.8% say they’ll buy products for the home like soft furnishings and home décor, and a further 7.5% are in the market for clothing and accessories.

More men plan to shop than women. 28% of men said they'd shop the Amazon shopping event compared to 25% of women — a difference of 3 percentage points.

Younger Canadians are more likely to say they’ll shop the sales. A whopping 35% of those aged 18-34 plan to shop the sales, while just 31% of 35-54 year olds and 19% of those aged 55+ say the same.

Finder’s Nicole McKnight, PR manager for financial comparison platform Finder Canada, says she’s not surprised more Canadians are planning to shop the Prime Day sales this year.

“With the cost of living starting to bite across the country, it’s no surprise so many Canadians are on the lookout for deals this year.”

“We’ve seen the number of Canadians planning to shop on Prime Day increase year-over-year, suggesting many people are looking forward to shopping for their favorite Amazon products at a discount.”

McKnight also gave tips on how to best shop the sales.

“It’s always a good idea to have a list of products in mind before you get started, that way you know what you need and you’re not as likely to get carried away with impulse buys.”

“Given Prime Day sales are a virtual event, a great way to do this is to add the products you actually need to your Amazon favourite list ahead of time. Once the sales kick off, you can easily see which products are discounted and go ahead and add those to your cart.”

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Any news about 2023 prime day yet?