Canadians Among Top 10 in Twitter Accounts

The latest Twitter study from Semiocast indicates that the social media network reached half a billion accounts last month, lead by the US.  Japan remains one of the most active countries, although growth has slowed.

Top 10 Countries in Twitter Accounts

  1. US
  2. Brazil
  3. Japan
  4. UK
  5. Indonesia
  6. India
  7. Mexico
  8. Canada
  9. Spain
  10. Philippines

There’s a marked difference in the number of accounts and the actual number of tweeters, however, as the study suggests based on city use.  The top tweeting city isn’t in the US, but instead is Jakarta, Indonesia.  New York, at number 5, is the first American appearance on the list of the most Twitter-engaged cities.  Canada came in 8th in the number of Twitter of accounts, whereas the only Canadian city to make the top 20 tweeters was Toronto at number 14.  However, considering the number of cities involved in the statistics, having one Canadian major center in the top 20 Twitter users suggests Canadians are avid tweeters.

Top 10 Tweeter Cities

  1. Jakarta
  2. Tokyo
  3. London
  4. Sao Paulo
  5. New York
  6. Bandung
  7. Paris
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Chicago
  10. Riyadh

Also noted in the study was language use.  Canadians are accustomed to French being the second most popular language used, but that isn’t the case in international social network statistics.  English ranks first in language use on Twitter, followed by Japanese.

While Twitter still only claims about half as many users as Facebook, it’s popularity is clearly worth considering when allocating marketing resources.  It also has become a standard customer service contact center for business, which means your customers are expecting to find you there.

Semiocast. Accessed July 30th, 2012.

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Ms. Biz

So we’re tweeters EH? LOL It doesn’t seem like it when I’m using twitter but I’ll have to pay closer attention.

Regina Guru

I thought there seemed to be a lot of random Canadians on Twitter and I guess it wasn’t my imagination.

Jean in Montreal

A surprising stat indeed! You’ve definitely inspired me to focus more of my social media marketing on twitter. This site is going to be handy, keep up the good work.

Wayne Calgary

I wonder if it’s because we’re so spread out? Communicating online is cheap & easy but I would have guessed Facebook would be where we reign.

Brenda P.

Wow this is surprising to me, I had no idea Canadians were so cyber trendy.