To Me, From Me: Canadians Like to Buy Gifts for Themselves (Infographic)

Marketing to people who are shopping for gifts is a critical part of most product-based sales strategies. Self-gifting is often overlooked, however, unless the product revolves around self-indulgence. This poll suggests Canadian consumers are generous with themselves, especially the younger generation.

What are Canadians buying for themselves?

  1. Clothing (especially women)
  2. Electronics (especially men)
  3. Dining out
  4. Books, movies and games
  5. Beauty products
  6. Luxury items
  7. Event or experience tickets

When you’re constructing your online sales and marketing strategy, make sure you include self-gifters in your ideal customer avatars. Target them directly by helping them to justify the indulgence.

Canadians Buying Gifts for Themselves poll reveals Canadians spend $116 on average when treating themselves to a gift

TORONTOSept. 30, 2019 /CNW/ – Canadians are generous when it comes to spending on gifts for others but as it turns out, for themselves as well. According to a recent survey on gift giving habits by (formerly 75 per cent of Canadians will treat themselves to a gift and of those, 13 per cent do so frequently while 62 per cent do it at least occasionally.

When it comes to gifts from ‘me-to-me’, 38 per cent of Canadians say they don’t need a special reason to treat themselves, while 19 per cent say they self-gift for accomplishing a goal they set. They are also likely to buy themselves a gift for a special occasion (27 per cent) such as their birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. When they’re feeling down, 15 percent say they like to shop as a pick-me-up treat.

“These special indulgences are often seen as an important element of self-care, whether as a reward for something or ‘just because’,” says Graziella Mitri, Brand Specialist and resident shopping expert with “While men and women may differ on how often or what type of gifts they buy themselves, the findings reveal that on average, men spend considerably more on themselves as compared to women.”

Women are more likely to treat themselves to the occasional gift (65 per cent versus 58 per cent for men), but men are reportedly spending more on themselves than women, with men averaging $149 versus $86 for women. This could be due to the items each are purchasing, with 44 per cent of men gravitating towards electronics or a meal out while 46 per cent of women opt for clothing/accessories or beauty products/treatments. Overall, 5 per cent of Canadians are extremely generous self-gifters and admit to having spent over $500 on a gift for themselves.

On average, the majority of Canadians who treat themselves do so because they feel it’s important (63 per cent), while 27 per cent said they deserved it for working hard. Men were more likely to say they deserved it for working hard (31 per cent men, versus 23 per cent women), while women are more likely than men to say that it’s important to treat yourself (67 per cent women versus 57 per cent men).

Age can also be a factor in self-gifting, with 85 per cent of Canadians under 35 more likely to treat themselves than their older peers (71 per cent on average).

“What this survey revealed is that although the spend, items and reasons differ, the majority of Canadians like to self-gift – perhaps because they’re buying themselves exactly what they want,” says Mitri.

Self-Gifting in Canada Infographic
Canadians’ self-gifting habits (CNW Group/

About the Survey
The Rakuten Canada survey was conducted online in late January, 2019 with a nationally representative sample of 1,007 Canadians. A sample of this size is accurate to within +/-3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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