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Canadians are carrying more debt than ever before.  With a slow economic recovery, many have come to a point of drowning in it.  Good, hardworking people are finding themselves in desperate need of help to get their head above water.  Many are turning to services like to reduce and manage their debt load, but additional income is still desperately needed.

Supplementing Your Income with a Free or Low-Cost Online Business

I started my first online businesses with no investment and self-taught skills, and to this day I invest very little money in them.  The beauty of a web-based business is you can start one within your budget, even if your budget is zero.  Whether you’re out of work or looking to supplement your income, starting an online business can provide a new source of money.

Some web-based businesses that require little or no monetary investment include:

It does require time to learn, establish, maintain and market an online business, but it is possible for virtually anyone.  While you will find an extraordinary amount of information online, I have found the best way to start is with a book.  A book takes you from start to finish, as opposed to grabbing ‘bits and bytes’ online. They’re also free through your local library.

Free Marketing for your Canadian Web-Based Business

Once your business is in place, there are many free marketing methods to choose from until you can invest in paid marketing.

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If You’re Drowning, Grab a Hand

Managing and taming your debt load is an important first step in taking back control of your life and reducing stress.  Expert help is available to Canadians through services that don’t involve bankruptcy, such as those provided by  They can slash your debt through creditor negotiation and empower you with a plan that gets you out of debt in record time.  It can’t hurt to take advantage of a free consultation or check out their free debt calculators.

Is tackling debt your New Year’s resolution?  Please tell us about it in the comments below.


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