Canadians Are Crazy About Online Shopping (Infographic)

Canadians have fully embraced online shopping. Many Canadian businesses fear they can’t compete with international eCommerce, but 65% of Canadians have shown a clear preference for shopping online within Canada, at least when the option is available to them.

A survey commissioned by CIRA and conducted by The Strategic Counsel indicates Canadians love the Internet. They love it even more than fast food, alcohol, chocolate and coffee.  Our enthusiasm for online comparison shopping and eCommerce has been supported by data and analytics, time and time again.

Online Shopping in Canada

79% of online Canadians say they almost always compare prices online before making a major purchase.
38% of online Canadian shoppers prefer shopping online to in-store shopping.

What Do Canadians Buy Online?

It wasn’t long ago that online purchases were limited to a few categories that were easy and inexpensive to ship. Now, Canadians are shopping for a wide range of products and services.

  • Clothing 56%
  • Flights and Travel 55%
  • Household Goods 41%
  • Books 40%
  • Entertainment Tickets 40%
  • Electronics 34%
  • Government Services 34%
  • Device Games and Apps 28%
  • Music 27%
  • Moves, Video and TV 24%

Why Do We Prefer to “Buy Canadian”?

  • 39% want to support the Canadian economy
  • 25% cite the low value of the Canadian dollar
  • 21% want to avoid Customs charges
  • 13% are trying to avoid higher shipping costs

Clearly, the Internet offers the opportunity for Canadian businesses to increase sales and leads. Too many businesses in this country view eCommerce as a competitor they can’t win against.  In reality, selling online and embracing multi-channel options may be the only way to remain relevant and competitive in today’s retail environment.

Today’s eCommerce software is user-friendly and feature-rich. Learn, evolve, hire the best people, and get to know the digital expectations of your target market.  Then find a Canadian digital marketing superstar to bring it all home.

Canadians Are Crazy About Online Shopping

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessHow are you serving Canadian online shoppers?  Please share your experience or questions in the comments below.

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James William

As always very detailed and great information for a person just getting started with online grocery shopping! Thanks for sharing such a great article.


Thanks for sharing such an informational blog.


No wonder we’re into online shopping there’s no local selection for most of us! Like NONE! I wish there was more online IN CANADA though because paying in american money makes it so expensive.

Justin E

I’m one of those crazy canadians. If i can’t find it online then I go to a store not the other way around. I’d love to open an online store but I’m still trying to pick a niche that amazon doesn’t rule. There’s a few possibilities. They kind of suck in Canada for selection.