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Canadians are some of the most enthusiastic Internet users in the World, but we were always a little more hesitant than other countries when it came to purchasing online.  That’s changing quickly as we get more comfortable with online shopping.  The 2013 eCommerce Special Feature Report just released by Ipsos, indicates Canadians are spending more online than they ever have.  The report’s most unexpected finding is that men are leading women in online shopping, unlike virtually every other category related to shopping.

“Clearly, Canadians have become quite comfortable with eCommerce and online shopping, and more and more are turning to the Internet to make purchases,” says Dave Pierzchala, Senior Vice President and Managing Director with Ipsos Reid in Vancouver. “Men in particular seem to appreciate the ease and convenience of online shopping, as they are outspending women by a significant margin.”

Statistical Snapshot from the Canadian 2013 eCommerce Special Feature Report

“…Marketers would be well advised to ensure they have eCommerce capabilities on their websites and online shopping available, as well as convenient methods for shipping, as these are all bound to be a more prevalent part of the shopping mix for Canadians,” Mr. Pierzchala suggests.

Most Popular Online Shopping Destinations for Canadians

Top 4 Online Purchases Ever Made by Canadians

  1. Books (60%)
  2. Travel (56%)
  3. Clothing (52%)
  4. Computer Software (45%)

Canadians Shopping Online Across the Border

I have to question the free shipping factor in cross-border shopping because most US sites only offer free shipping within their own country. However, it’s probably still less than the outrageous amount we pay to ship through Canada Post in this country. Postal rates in Canada are seriously crippling small businesses, which employ more than 98% of Canadians.

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Taking your Canadian business online or upgrading your eCommerce capabilities has never been easier or more profitable. For most, eCommerce is a simple matter of getting a domain name and choosing website hosting with e-commerce / catalogue support (such as Yahoo, iPage, or Shopify Canada). There are also shopping carts that are available with Canada Post integration, such as the popular Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions and CoreCommerce

Will you be increasing your eCommerce activities in 2014? Please share your plans in the comments below.

Source: Ipsos Reid

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