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Statistics Canada released its 2012 Canadian connectivity statistics in November, 2013, based on a sample size of about 30,000 households.  If you’ve ever wondered how many of your Canadian customer base or target market are online, these statistics will clarify the big picture for you.  Both Canada as a whole and every province have shown an increase in household connectivity since 2010.  A whopping 83% of Canadian households have an internet connection (up from 79% in 2010).

Most Connected Canadian Provinces in 2012

  1. Alberta residents with an Internet connection: 86% (up from 83% in 2010)
  2. British Columbia residents with an Internet connection: 86% (up from 84% in 2010)
  3. Ontario residents with an Internet connection: 84% (up from 81% in 2010)
  4. Saskatchewan residents with an Internet connection: 83% (up from 76% in 2010)
  5. Manitoba residents with an Internet connection: 80% (up from 73% in 2010)
  6. Nova Scotia residents with an Internet connection: 80% (up from 77% in 2010)
  7. Newfoundland and Labrador residents with an Internet connection: 79% (up from 74% in 2010)
  8. Prince Edward Island residents with an Internet connection: 78% (up from 73% in 2010)
  9. Quebec residents with an Internet connection: 78% (up from 73% in 2010)
  10. New Brunswick residents with an Internet connection: 77% (up from 70% in 2010)

Canadians who reported they do not have an Internet connection at home, cited reasons such as having no use for one (61%) or the service/equipment is too expensive (20%).

Top Devices used by Canadians to Access the Internet from Home

Approximately 69% of Canadian citizens connected to the Internet from home using more than one device.

  1. Laptop computer: 74% (up from 64% in 2010)
  2. Desktop computer: 62% (up from 71% in 2010)
  3. Wireless handheld device: 59% (up from 35% in 2010)
  4. Games console: 27% (up from 20% in 2010)

This data brings home the level of online opportunities available for Canadian offline businesses and entrepreneurs.  It also emphasizes the massive adoption of wireless, handheld devices.  Additionally, the data hints at a concentrated level of higher income households than seen offline.

Take the first step to a new level of profitability in 2013 by bringing your business online, or upgrading your website to include eCommerce and wireless compatibility.  Establishing an online presence is a simple matter of getting a domain name and choosing website hosting with e-commerce / catalogue support (such as Shopify Canada). If you have a website and only wish to add eCommerce, there are shopping carts that are available with Canada Post integration, such as the popular 3D Cart and CoreCommerce.  Even the web design has never been easier, with many of these options intended specifically for those without advanced technical skills.  Check out the below links to other articles for more helpful information.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessHow are you taking advantage of the virtual shopping mall the Internet offers to Canadians?  Please share your comments below.

Source:  Statistics Canada

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Geeze I admire the analytical mind of this writer. I’ve hired a social media writer who is talented but has next to no analytica skills so I’m envious. I wish I’d known the right questions to ask at the time. Maybe you could blog about that Ms. Analytical haha.


It’s right up there with the telephone or soon will be.


Amazing numbers!! Especially when you take into consideration how expensive connection is here. Can you imagine if it was affordable to all? The net could give a hand to the economy if someone was thinking straight.