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Easily Create Viral Memes or Animated Gifs with These Editing Tools ©

Easily Create Viral Memes or Animated Gifs with These Editing Tools ©

Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a wealth of other social networks facilitate image sharing. Some of the most commonly shared images are digital posters or memes, which are basically text added to a photo or other background. Networks like Facebook now facilitate animated gifs that you can customize for your business. Sharable images […]

5 Ways to Promote the Holidays Without Disrespecting Remembrance Day ©

5 Ways to Promote the Holidays Without Disrespecting Remembrance Day ©

Online marketing for the Holiday season has to start early due to shipping time. However, many Canadian consumers don’t understand that and may find it disrespectful when they see Holiday promotions before Remembrance Day. The last thing we want to do is upset shoppers, but what is an online business to do?

Canadian Retailers: Low Loonie Can Lure American Online Shoppers ©

The low Canadian dollar is such great news for businesses in this country, and online retailers are no exception. It encourages Canadians to shop at home instead of running to the US for everything, but the benefits don’t stop there. You now have a rare opportunity to lure American shoppers to your online store.

Free Canadian Blank Banners for Halloween Campaigns

Visual indications that a business is located in Canada draws the eye of Canadian online shoppers. The Internet is a noisy place where we can all use something extra that allows us to be heard over the crowd. To help you grab the attention of Halloween shoppers in Canada, we’ve designed a few Canadian-theme banners. […]

7 Free Canadian-Theme Blank Banners

We’re so proud to be Canadian that we wanted to share some free Canadian-theme blank banners for you to customize for your Canada Day online marketing campaigns.  All have been designed in standard banner sizes.  Simply save the banners to your computer, open them in your favourite design program and add text.  They are free […]

Monday Motivation: Make Money While You Sleep (With Digi-poster)

If there is one claim that has perpetuated through my many years in online business, it’s the “make money while you sleep” claim.  It’s true that I make money while I sleep, but it didn’t happen overnight (so to speak) and I still work hard for that money.

Shop Canada Online (Free Holiday-Theme Graphic)

To celebrate Cyber Monday, we’ve designed a holiday-theme “Shop Canada Online” graphic that you are free to use on your website, share on social media, etc. Let’s keep those shopping dollars in Canada where they’ll benefit all Canadians, and let other countries know we’re open for business in the great white north.

Monday Motivation: Venture Off the Beaten Business Path and Think Canadian

Canadians are an adventurous bunch, even if we do exercise caution along the way.  It’s important to let that aspect of our personality shine through when running a Canadian Web-based business so we’ll stand out from the crowd.

That Dirty Four-Letter Word Still Applies in Online Business

Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who want to own an online business.   No matter what country they hail from, a large portion of them are firmly focused on the old promise, “get rich while you sleep”.