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What to Look for in a URL Shortener

Affiliate marketers and ezine publishers have been using URL shortening tools for more than a decade.  They can cloak affiliate links to prevent commission hijacking or affiliate bypassing.  Shortened URL’s also prevent broken links in e-mail from line character limits.  With the advent of character-limited social media, they’ve taken on a new role of lowering […]

Canada’s HootSuite Top Social Media Tool for Top Brands [Infographic]

I prefer to manage social networks individually so I can tweak the post to grab the attention of the various personalities attracted to each.  I also like to avoid confusing social media cross-over, such as #hashtags in a Facebook post. I feel it’s good for my marketing mind to keep in touch with each network […]

How Top Companies Use Social Media [Statistics] ©

How Top Companies Use Social Media [Statistics] ©

Canadian businesses can learn a lot from Fortune Global 100 companies about how to use social media and online discussion to promote their brand and engage consumers.  Marketers can also watch and learn from Canada’s top public companies that have a strong social media presence. Following is a list of the known social networks that […]

The Elusive ROI of Social Media [Infographic] ©

Someone once said that trying to figure out the ROI (Return on Investment) of social media is like trying to figure out the ROI of the telephone.  We know it works for Canadian businesses and there are options suitable for any budget, so we don’t believe there’s any great need to put a number on […]

Canadians Among Top 10 in Twitter Accounts

Canadians Among Top 10 in Twitter Accounts

The latest Twitter study from Semiocast indicates that the social media network reached half a billion accounts last month, lead by the US.  Japan remains one of the most active countries, although growth has slowed. Top 10 Countries in Twitter Accounts US Brazil Japan UK Indonesia India Mexico Canada Spain Philippines There’s a marked difference […]

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