Gift-Buyer’s Journey: Content Strategy Doubles Sales (Infographic)

The buyer journey typically refers to the steps a buyer takes when ordering a product, and ideally well after the product is received. When the buyer is shopping for a gift, you can double leads and sales opportunities by bringing the gift recipient into the process. Content that is strategically distributed before, during and after the sale is the key to compounding your success.

Use your ideal customer profile (also known as an avatar or persona) to understand what kind of content will motivate them to purchase, as they move through each touchpoint and stage. This profile can also form the framework for content personalization.

“A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers,” explains Sam Kusinitz for HubSpot. “When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better.”

The 5 Stages of the Gift-Buyer’s Journey

Millions of people shop online and a good portion of what they buy are gifts. You’ll be much more successful with online sales if you provide content that targets each gift-buying stage and touchpoint the consumer moves through, based firmly on what you know about your ideal customer.

To gain a larger market share of consumers who search online for gifts, create content that helps them make an informed choice about a product they may know little about. Pick up another customer by providing information designed for the recipient. This is something that your larger competitors often fail miserably at, allowing you to create a serious competitive advantage.

1. Awareness: A consumer realizes she has to buy a gift and starts looking for ideas.

2. Consideration: The shopper narrows it down to the best options.

3. Decision: The consumer decides to buy your product and reviews your policies.

4. Satisfaction: After making a purchase, the focus shifts to the gift recipient. This is the stage where you can gain two customers from one purchase. The buyer will be a coveted repeat customer and the recipient can become a new customer (or a repeat customer if she has previously shopped from your store). Make sure they find useful content that will help them value your product and buy more.

5. Use and Advocacy: Nurture the relationships between your business and the buyer and the gift recipient. A positive experience with your business requires continued support and ongoing value. The gift buyer can become an advocate based on their part of the experience. The recipient can become an advocate for the product itself. Both can result in many more customers coming your way with little additional effort on your part.

This strategy can be applied to any holiday or occasion that typically involves giving gifts. Occasions like weddings can be targeted during Summer months.

Content for Each Stage of the Gift-Buyer’s Journey

The biggest difference in the gift-buying journey is that your focus has to expand and shift to the recipient in the final stages. You want the lucky gift recipient to be able to visit your website, find your fabulous content, and ultimately become a fan. At the same time, you’d love to have the gift shopper become a repeat customer. The ideal scenario is to gain two customers for the price of one, which can significantly lower your cost per acquisition (CPA).

Following are content ideas for each touchpoint and stage in the gift-buyer’s journey. Scroll down for an infographic version that makes it easy to refer to or share.

1. It’s Time to Shop for Gifts!


Gift-related searches
Websites & blogs
Social media

Types of Content:

  • Guest posts & influencer content
  • Articles & blog posts
  • Info-products like ebooks, reports, infographics or videos
  • Reviews, recommendations and ‘best’ lists

2. Narrow Choices by Products & Price


Brand websites, blogs & landing pages
Reviews & ratings
Social media

Types of Content:

  • Feature comparison charts
  • Webinars & video
  • Demos
  • FAQs
  • Free trials/samples
  • PR & interviews
  • Case studies & testimonials
  • Gift guides for each holiday or occasion

3. Decide Which Gift to Buy


Customer support through your website, email or social media.

Types of Content:

  • Product details such as specifications
  • Business details such as policies, payment options, shipping procedures and contact info
  • Webinars & video

4. Satisfied with Purchase / Gift


Customer service and engagement through your website, email or social media

Types of Content:

  • Email follow-up & sales funnels
  • Support
  • Product use instructions & videos

5. Recipient Product Use & Advocacy


Customer service and engagement through your website, email or social media

Types of Content:

  • Tips & tricks
  • Product use instructions & videos
  • Social media and community
  • Webinars & video
  • Related content (such as recipes for kitchen appliances)

Make it easy and tempting for consumers to share your content with their friends!

The Gift-Buyer's Journey Content Strategy Doubles Sales Infographic

Monitor, Test & Tweak

Monitor, test and tweak your gift-buyer’s journey content until you’ve perfected your journey map. It will help you stay on track and identify issues as they arise. You’ll also discover additional opportunities to create specific content and further optimize the sales conversion process. Tie it into your digital sales funnels and watch your sales climb even further.

Do you have a buyer’s journey content strategy for online consumers who are looking for the perfect gift? Please share any suggestions or questions in the comments below.

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