Top Cosmetics Brands in the Online Secondhand Market

Numerous surveys have found recommerce (selling used or excess items) is one of the fastest growing online markets in Canada. The products range from clothing to electronics and everything in between. Some brands within each category typically sell faster (and for more money) than others. An often underserved, high-demand secondhand category is Cosmetics.

Following is data collected from the global secondhand marketplace, Vinted, which also has an online marketplace here in Canada. Additionally, Ebay sales data is included for comparison purposes.


Press Release: New research has revealed which beauty brands are best for making money from your unwanted cosmetics.

Cosmetic surgery information site Tajmeeli has analysed thousands of Vinted product listings to reveal which beauty brands are most available on the site and which are most in demand with buyers.

Of all the beauty brands we analysed, Dior, Avon and Chanel had the highest number of listings on Vinted. As of July 2022, there were 216,300 Dior products available, 210,800 Avon products and 141,600 Chanel products*.

Top Cosmetics Listings on Vinted

The analysis also looked at the number of followers each beauty brand has on Vinted. The most sought-after cosmetic brands amongst Vinted users are Dior (152,100 fans), Chanel (151,200 fans) and MAC Cosmetics (124,300 fans).

Popular Cosmetics Brands on Vinted

So how does demand compare to the availability of products? CoverGirl, MAC and Urban Decay have the fewest number of available products on Vinted compared to the number of fans of the brands on the platform.

Topping the list is CoverGirl, with the equivalent of 0.2 products available per fan! In second place is MAC with 0.7 products per follower, closely followed by Urban Decay with 0.8 items available. The results mean buyers could face stiff competition to secure their must-have cosmetics.

It’s bad news if you’re hoping to sell unwanted Skinny Tan, Nip + Fab or Baylis & Harding beauty items. The three brands had the lowest number of fans vs. available products, suggesting that products may take longer to sell due to decreased demand.

For every follower of Skinny Tan on Vinted, there are a staggering 68 products! Likewise, Nip + Fab has 64 products per fan, while Baylis & Harding takes third place with 50 products per follower.

The research also looked at the average selling prices of new beauty products from each brand on, to give an indication of how much can be made across selling platforms.

Topping the list is GHD with an average selling price of $105.29. This is perhaps unsurprising, when you consider the higher price point of the hair styling tools. In second place is Bath & Body Works with an average resale price of $44.45.

Interestingly, Bath & Body Works products have a slightly higher price tag than third place premium beauty brand, Chanel ($43.86). Overall, across all the brands, beauty products can sell for an average of $25.60 per item.

You can view the findings in full on the Tajmeeli website.

About The Data

The number of product listings and followers for each brand was taken from Vinted. Average selling price of products from different beauty brands was found using Figures are based on the average price of the last 200 items sold on Prices are in dollars.

*The number of products represents all products listed under each brand. Figures may be inflated by listings outside of beauty products e.g. fashion items.

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