The Bank of Montreal surveyed 1215 Canadians about their 2013 online shopping plans for the Monday after Black Friday (Cyber Monday).  This BMO Report indicates Cyber Monday will lure 49% of online Canadians in 2013, up 11% from 2012. This prediction is comparable with the 50% of online Canadians who plan to do some holiday shopping online this year. Cyber Monday shoppers from Canada plan to spend an average of $273.

Statistical Snapshot by RegionCyber Monday 2013 - 49% of Canadians will Shop Online

  • Atlantic Canada: 45% of participants in Atlantic Canada will spend an average of $282.
  • Quebec: 31% of participants in Quebec will spend an average of $284.
  • Ontario: 61% of participants in Ontario will spend an average of $288.
  • The Prairies: 41% of participants in the Prairies will spend an average of $219.
  • Alberta: 54% of participants in Alberta will spend an average of $282.
  • British Columbia: 49% of participants in BC will spend an average of $224.

While it’s usually a good idea to advertise in advance, it isn’t too late to promote Cyber Monday. A lot of merchants don’t announce their sales for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Boxing Day until the day of the sale, in an effort to prevent other retailers from matching or beating their price. You can post your sales as late as the early hours of Monday morning and announce them on social media.

“Canadian retailers have jumped on the marketing bandwagon that has rolled out of the United States to increase overall sales around Black Friday and Cyber Monday,” said Doug Porter, Chief Economist, BMO Capital Markets.

5 Effective ways to bring in Canadian Cyber Monday Shoppers

  1. “Door crasher” events promoting a few popular items at seriously reduced prices “while supplies last”. Theoretically, shoppers will buy other items while they’re on your website.
  2. Free shipping for the day is another popular ploy, but it’s a difficult one for Canadian small businesses dealing with Canada Post’s insane prices. You could try a low flat rate to help take the edge off.
  3. Bonuses, such as free accessories, buy-one-get-one-free, free gift with order, etc. are always popular.
  4. Free gift wrapping is always a welcome benefit for time-starved shoppers.
  5. Price matching can be a bit frightening, but most merchants report gains with the practice.

“Big box” sites are certainly a popular destination for Cyber Monday shoppers in Canada, but don’t let that discourage you. According to the 2013 Rogers Small Business Research Report, over half of Canadians (51%) indicated they would buy from small businesses more often if they could do so online. 85+% of Canadian consumers agree that personal service and convenience are the number one reason they support small businesses. There is no reason small businesses can’t compete on more than price.

Comment on Canadians Internet BusinessAre you holding a Cyber Monday event in Canada? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

Source:  2013 Bank of Montreal Holiday Spending Outlook (Pollara)

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Joslynne Ward

I think it’s great Canada is getting involved and more competitive. I’ve spent more this Christmas in Canada than ever before because the selection & deals are top notch. Given a choice I shop in Canada.


I expect the number is higher among Canadians that shop online routinely. It’s such an illusion for most stores though because they don’t get the discount concept. 10-20% is just a sale, you need big discounts for the special days to help you.