Digital Marketing: Canadians Are Waiting for You Online (Infographic)

Canadian businesses have been slower to adopt digital marketing than other countries, but we’re beginning to embrace it as a dynamic promotion tool.  Additionally, businesses around the world have recognized Canadian consumers as a lucrative target market.

Canadians have some of the highest connectivity and internet content consumption rates in the world.  We love the selection, information, social media, and entertainment now available to us online.

If your business is Canadian, don’t underestimate the edge it gives you with Canadians who shop online. Research has proven time and time again that Canadians would prefer to purchase from businesses in this country. Let them know you’re there to serve them.

If you don’t sell online, you can still use the internet to increase foot traffic to your offline place of business. Most purchasing journeys start online, whether the shopper is looking for online or offline merchants or service providers.

Marketing online is an economical and powerful way to present your business to the Canadian market.  Content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate programs, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing have proven to be effective ways for marketers to reach connected Canadians.

Backed by Canadian Statistics

The following infographic from G Web Pro Marketing illustrates a few convincing statistics that indicate Canadians are eager to buy, and marketers are trying to reach them.

Digital Ad Spending in Canada

2018 was the first time companies spent more on digital marketing than advertising on traditional media (TV, radio and print).  Total media ad spending in Canada is expected to reach CAD$16.43 billion this year, with $8.8 billion being spent on digital advertising.

  • In 2019, eMarketer predicts spending on digital ads will reach CA$8.8 billion
  • Spending on mobile ads is expected to increase by 33.7%
  • Video advertising will grow by 23.3%

Canadians on Social Media

  • Two-thirds of social media users in Canada access their accounts daily.
  • Sixty-four percent of Canadians use all of the top social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Quebec may be the least-connected province, but 49% of Quebecers have social media accounts.
  • YouTube reaches 84.5% of connected Canadians every month, half of whom watch videos on their TV screen.
  • Marketers enjoy 59% more engagement on Facebook when they post video content.

We have more data about the use of social media in Canada, if you’d like to dig into that further.

Digital Marketing in Canada Infographic

Infographic courtesy of G Web Pro Marketing

??? Have you found success with digital marketing in Canada?  Please share your tips or questions in the comments below.


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Nadia Archer

I’m still amazed by how many Canadian businesses aren’t using the internet for growth! They need to learn more about it so they’re comfortable or hire a qualified person to do it for them but they seem to be afraid to. I’m doing the learning part and its exciting to see the possibilities once you open your mind to it.