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Ebook and Online Sales Blamed for Drop in Canadian Offline Book Sales ©

Third quarter ‘brick and mortar’ book sales have dropped by comparison to this time last year, according to BookNet Canada. Data obtained from 665 Canadian retail locations indicate an overall 6.4% drop in dollar value and a drop of 9.5% in unit sales.

Canadian Book Sales Category Statistics

BookNet CEO, Noah Genner, told Publishers Weekly that the shift to online shopping and eBook purchases are to blame for a significant portion of the drop in offline book store sales. Their surveys show more Canadians purchasing eBooks and eReaders, with minor quarterly fluctuations. That number is expected to increase significantly as more Canadians find eBook readers, tablets, and eBook gift cards under the tree in the final quarter.

This is encouraging news for infopreneurs, digital publishers and those who sell books and eBooks online in Canada. Canadian readers are embracing digital media and online shopping, which presents a variety of new online opportunities.

I buy both print and ebooks, but I admit to preferring print. Do you prefer print or electronic books?


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