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Statistics show Canadian small and micro businesses are missing out on lucrative online opportunities to grow their business.  From eCommerce to blogging and social media, many small business owners, the self-employed, sales professionals, authors, etc., are simply not equipped to go there.  They’re often not in the position to hire someone with a degree, yet their time and/or knowledge is too limited to fully leverage online business and marketing.  They can’t afford to take their business online, yet they can’t afford not to do so.

A seriously under-utilized alternative for small businesses is a Marketing Administrative Assistant (MAA).  In addition to traditional administrative duties, today’s web-savvy MAA will help:

Because your average Marketing Administrative Assistant hasn’t made the higher education investment of those with a degree in marketing, you can often get away with paying them the same amount as any specialized Administrative Assistant.  They save you money from the beginning, and go on to increase your profits by taking your business online. You could hire part-time if it suits the workload, then increase the hours with the profits.

Save even more by allowing them to work from their home office, using their own space and equipment.  However, remote working is NOT an option if you’re a micro-manager as you’ll drive both of you crazy with your trust issues. List your virtual assistant job and learn more about outsourcing to a VA at Canada’s VA Networking.

A good Marketing Administrative Assistant’s skill-set is much more diverse than many who have a degree, so you can fully utilize all of their talents across your company.  How many graduates of business administration or marketing can smoothly fill in for other office positions, like your Secretary or Receptionist?  Or compose, design and publish your sales collateral?  You’re getting several skilled employees for the price of one.

It all boils down to this: a talented MAA won’t cost you money, they’ll make you money.

What to Look For

Since this employee will be responsible for your online success, you’ll want all of the skills mentioned above and they aren’t yet standard for all who have the title.  There are people who have this diverse skill-set (like myself), but it will take some legwork to find them.

It is crucial that the above skills be demonstrated as well.  A lot of people think they’re marketing, social media or blogging experts, but are unable to demonstrate the depth of strategic knowledge required, or show you exceptional work.  Look for a Marketing Administrative Assistant who has an established web presence.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to preview their work and it will tell you much more than any diploma.

Once you find one of these multi-talented individuals, hang onto her!  She’s going to earn you a lot of money and deserves to be treated/paid accordingly, even if it isn’t as much as a highly educated specialist.  You can also retain this kind of talent with telecommuting options or other bonuses.  For example, I’ve accepted as little as $8500/year for a part-time (25 hours/month) telecommuting position working with an author in the UK.  Don’t be afraid to offer what you can afford and negotiate the terms of future wage increases.  Above all, always remember that you’ve hired this person for their knowledge and experience.  Stay out of their way and let them work their magic.

If you could find a Marketing Administrative Assistant who can do it all, would leveraging the Internet become a feasible option?  Please share your comments below.

Editor’s note:  Career opportunities for our writer, Melody McKinnon, should go directly to her.  Please contact her through our About our Writer page. Thank you!

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